NEW NewsBusters Podcast: White House Correspondent Supper Serenade

Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner demonstrated once again that journalists go soft and syrupy when Democrats are in power. NPR reporter Tamara Keith, who leads the White House Correspondents Association that hosts the dinner, claimed “There is something uniquely American about the fact that we can all be here together, and then these reporters can go out on Monday and do stories about these very came politicians that pull no punches.”

What punches is NPR throwing at Biden? Who else is throwing punches? Kevin Tober joins the show to discuss how Biden can joke with reporters that he barely speaks with them, and they laugh. Biden joked “This dinner sums up my first two years in office. I’ll talk for ten minutes, take zero questions, and cheerfully walk away.” Are reporters clueless about how they’re being mocked? Or do they think it means “I kid because I love you”?

Once again, the journalists picked a hackneyed leftist comedian who ripped Tucker Carlson and Clarence Thomas. This time it was Roy Wood Jr. from The Daily Show, a regular source of guest comedians for the liberal media. (Trevor Noah did the honors in 2022.)

We also discuss how Chuck Todd tried to lecture a Republican presidential candidate that “there’s a lot of scientific research that says gender is a spectrum.”

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