‘F*** them one and all’: Actress proclaims her hatred for all Republicans in vitriolic, profanity-laced tweet

Actress Ellen Barkin issued a vitriolic tweet on Monday in which she declared her hatred for all Republicans.

She prefaced the brief belligerent declaration by apologizing for her comments and profanity, before promptly proceeding to spew invective.

“I’m sorry to have to say this. I’m sorry for my language. But. I f[*****] hate these motherf*[****] Republicans. Every last one. F*[**] them one and all,” Barkin tweeted.

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Her hostile post has attracted significant attention, earning more than 4,000 retweets, over 12,000 replies, and more than 31,000 likes so far.

“You’re so enlightened and stuff,” BlazeTV host Chad Prather tweeted in response to Barkin’s comments.

“I’m so sad to hear you talk this way. I love your past work, but a comment like the one you made is so hateful and over the top that I can no longer be a fan,” someone else tweeted.

“Welcome to the inclusive, welcoming and love everyone movement,” another person quipped.

“Such reasoned and compelling intellectual discourse. Sure to really help. Way to go,” someone else wrote.

“I have no clue who you are, but you don’t seem very nice,” another person remarked.

“I’m sorry to have to say this, but I can do it without using foul language. The feeling is mutual. I loathe these liberals. All of them,” someone else wrote.

Ironically, the tweet Barkin currently has pinned to the top of her Twitter account speaks about love. “‘Without love there can be no justice.’ ‘Without justice there can be no love.’…bell hooks,” the tweet reads.

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