School shooter who killed first-grader apologizes, asks judge to reduce life sentence: ‘My evil actions hurt their lives’

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A convicted school shooter asked for leniency in his life sentence, which he is currently serving without parole after killing his father and a child at a school in 2016.

Jesse Osborne, who shot and killed his father before driving to a school where he killed a child and injured three others, asked a judge through his lawyer to reduce his life sentence so that he can be eventually released from prison. Osborne was 14 years old when he committed the crimes, as reported by

Osborne offered apologies and asked for a chance to improve himself:

“I would just like to say sorry to every single one of them. Because my evil actions hurt their lives,” he said. “I’m just going to try to better myself in the Department of Corrections the rest of my life.”

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In 2016, Osborne told investigators that he took one of his father’s guns and shot him three times because he was always “fussing” him, giving him a hard time, and was “getting up in his face.”

“I went in there and shot him three times,” Osborne told law enforcement. “Then I immediately ran downstairs, gave my rabbit a kiss, went back up, gave all the dogs kisses. And then I went in his truck and drove to the school,” he added.

The boy then went to a South Carolina playground and drove into the fence, then opened fire on a first-grade class celebrating a student’s birthday. His gunfire hit a 6-year-old named Jacob Hall in the leg, and the child later died from blood loss. Two other students and a teacher were wounded.

Prosecutors said that Osborne’s intention was to hurt more people, but his gun repeatedly jammed. Osborne told authorities that he believed he grabbed the wrong bullets, which he believed caused the gun to jam. “I think it was cheap ammo,” Osborne said. “It jammed again every time. And I thank God for that,” he also recalled.

The supervising teacher, a parent of a wounded child, another child’s father, the district superintendent, and the school principal all voiced their opposition to an early release for the convicted shooter.

Osborne has been serving two life sentences after he pleaded guilty to the crimes.

The judge requested a detailed report from the defense expert for review, and prosecutors were given at least 10 days to respond.

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