‘It’s like the mob’: Megyn Kelly BLASTS Fox News for ditching Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson has recently left Fox News, but he wasn’t the first. Among those who left before him are Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Megyn Kelly.

And now, Kelly is joining Jason Whitlock to speak out on Carlson’s departure.

“This feels like it will permanently damage Fox News,” Whitlock says, asking Kelly if she agrees.

“Yeah, I do agree. My audience is calling them Foxweiser,” Kelly says. “I left because I wanted to spend more time with my family, so nobody was going to hold that against Fox,” she adds.

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Kelly goes on to say that you can get the “generic GOP commentary” that exists on Fox News anywhere these days — while Tucker brought “a different kind of product.”

While Tucker brought incredible ratings, Kelly says there’s no going back to Fox for the cable news star.

“Fox is like, it’s like a cult. It’s like the mob, and you don’t get back in after you’ve been kicked out,” she explains.

“Once you’re out, you’re out. And you’re dead to them,” she adds.

Whitlock believes Fox News miscalculated how much the addition of Donald Trump to the news cycle would change Republican voters and their mindset regarding the mainstream media and its lies.

“Tucker was their last thread of credibility with people who feel like their eyes have been opened. And so it’s like Tucker’s level of credibility that he gave the entire Fox News brand,” Whitlock says.

Whitlock explains that he “won’t go back on Fox news,” “because without Tucker, they’re just not as credible” to him as they were with Tucker.

Kelly agrees, saying, “It really would be a middle finger to him to go on right now, because he’s embattled and they’ve got their boot on his neck, and they’re not moving.”

“They’re being absolute bastards to the guy, and the audience should remember that the audience is the only power Fox has. If they lose the audience, they lose this war with him. And so far his audience has been great,” Kelly continues.

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