Flashback: Social Justice™ Ideologue Smears Tim Scott as ‘Negro Whisperer for White Supremacists’

Given Tim Scott’s recent announcement of his candidacy for the 2024 GOP nomination, it’s worth taking a short trip back in time to highlight how we can expect the corporate state media to treat him.

Back in 2021, a rabidly anti-white Social Justice™ ideologue, David A. Love, penned perhaps the most racist article to ever appear in corporate state media directed at Scott in the context of his response to Biden’s Congressional address.

Via Yahoo! News:

In his response to President Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina said the most outrageous thing a Black man could possibly utter in 2021. He said that America is not a racist country.

This begs the question, exactly how does Tim Scott think he is going to work on police reform if he and his Republican Party do not believe there is systemic racism in America? You already know the answer, fam.

Check this out, fam: there is nothing — literally, nothing — that the Social Justice™ left hates more than a black person who’s fled their plantation. It drives them absolutely bananas. Articulate black men willing to judge individuals on their merits rather than immutable genetic characteristics — ironically, in the tradition of MLK Jr. — threaten their whole project.

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Listening to Scott’s speech, one was reminded that he is speaking not to Black people, but to white Republicans who believe Blue Lives Matter and police should be able to brutalize, even kill Black bodies with impunity, and that his whole purpose as a Black Republican is to serve as a Trojan Horse for the GOP, a Negro Whisperer for white supremacists.

In the intervening two years, Love hasn’t skipped a beat, writing May 23, 2023, via The Grio:

Systems of racial oppression and colonization require active participation from members of the oppressed group. This is certainly the case for Black people who conspire with white supremacy…

As the American conservative movement has morphed from racist dog whistles and white-grievance politics to full-blown fascism and white nationalism, Black MAGAs have enlisted as soldiers in the war against civil rights, voting rights, liberal democracy and racial justice. Unable to achieve their unpopular and toxic policies through the ballot box, MAGA intends to bring about their goals through white nationalist minority rule. And Black MAGAs are eager to oblige.

Because these people operate on the hive mind, they are incapable of grasping the concept of individual thought or individual merit. They are the Star Trek Borg, plugged into the supercomputer mainframe, receiving instructions from the mothership, and carrying them out in mechanical, unthinking fashion.

When they see someone they identify with break free from the hive mind (in Love’s case, a black man), they are overcome with a kind of existential jealousy. To paraphrase one of the themes of Fight Club, Scott is free in a way Love could never be.

This process occurs mostly at the subconscious level, so many of them are perhaps not cognizant of why they hate a figure like Tim Scott; they just feel the visceral disgust and then look for a rationalization, like that he’s aiding White Supremacy™. In doing so, they otherize Scott and feel liberated to bombard him with as much racist vitriol as they can muster, all while collecting a check and receiving lavish praise from their virulent in-group Social Justice™ peers.

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