TIME’S UP: Will Congress FINALLY stand against the IRS & FBI?

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A second IRS whistleblower has emerged to share concerns with Congress about the handling of Hunter Biden’s crimes and tax fraud schemes — joining several other whistleblowers who have come out recently against the government’s three-letter agencies.

Glenn Beck explains, “What they’re saying is that the Justice Department came in and said ‘uh yeah, you guys don’t need to look at all of that stuff,’ and they’re like ‘excuse me we’re the IRS we are looking at all the banking stuff and all the money stuff.’”

When the IRS continued pushing back, the entire staff focused on this particular subject was let go.

The IRS case agent had raised concerns about the Hunter Biden investigation, but IRS leadership quickly responded with accusations of criminal conduct and warnings to other agents in an apparent attempt to intimidate the whistleblower into silence.

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Now, Congress is in a battle with the FBI to get documents showing a criminal scheme involving Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national released. However, the FBI won’t admit to having the documents.

But Glenn Beck doesn’t necessarily see all of this as a bad thing — in fact, he sees it as inspiring hope.

He believes that the number of whistleblowers coming out against the government may actually push Congress to take a stand against these corrupt and all-powerful agencies.

“I’m starting to have hope that there are enough people in Congress,” Glenn says, “that they’re gonna’ fight their way out of this. They’re not going to take this for so long.”

According to Stu, this is where the REINS Act of 2023 comes in, which he says would be a “really, really big improvement to our government and our country.”

“It would basically limit them from making these little rules that no one votes on,” Stu explains, adding that “if you’re going to affect the economy by a hundred million dollars or more, you have to get a vote of approval — you can’t just do it willy-nilly.”

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