NatWest bank now demanding that customers explain why they’re withdrawing their own cash

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An alleged customer of NatWest bank captured a photo of a sign plastered across the doorway entry to one of the bank’s branches notifying customers that in order to withdraw their own cash, they must tell NatWest why they need it.

Based out of London, with a few locations in Southern California as well, NatWest allegedly told its customers via signage that in order to keep them “safe and secure,” customers will now be asked questions about the purpose of their cash withdrawals.

“We may also ask for supporting documentation such as an invoice,” the sign further reads. “This helps us validate the withdrawal as genuine and protect you against fraud and scams.”

The biggest fraud and scam of all is private central banking, of course, which has a stranglehold on the United Kingdom just as it does the United States. Nevertheless, this is the official story from NatWest as to why it has decided to start probing its customers’ intentions before allowing them to access their own cash.

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Private central banking is the biggest scam and fraud of all

The signage at NetWest also allegedly informs customers that in order to withdraw “large cash” amounts exceeding £2,000, a 24-hour notice must first be sent to the bank so preparations can be made.

“You can pre-advise us of your transaction via our customer contact team or in branch,” the sign states.


“In some instances, we may choose to decline the cash withdrawal based on the information provided surrounding the transaction. This will be at the branch’s own discretion – for more information please review our T&Cs that can be found under section 2.2.)

A graphic display of the sign has been circulating on social media as of late – you may have already seen it. It was independently verified on the NatWest website, which contains the same small-print notice about the sudden change.

In Canada, this type of thing has already been happening for quite some time now, including before covid. At least four big banks there routinely ask their customers to explain why they are withdrawing cash in excess of a couple thousand dollars.

Customers are free to tell them that this is none of their business – and banking customers need to know that they have the freedom to do this, as some probably fear that they have no choice but to answer any such line of questioning.

Even if no bank has yet to deny a person’s withdrawal for any reason, you can see that the groundwork is now being laid, with NatWest in tow, to normalize the probing of people’s purchasing decisions.

The infamous “war on cash” is what this is all about, and it is moving along nicely, bit by bit, in the U.K., Canada, India, France, and elsewhere where the banking systems are tightening their restrictions on customer freedom.

Soon, it will all morph – or at least this is the stated plan – into a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, paradigm. If left to run its course, central banking will lead the way into late-stage globalism, marked by an elimination of all privacy; a litany of new controls over consumer behavior; and the end of fiat currency as we currently know it.

“With the mother of all economic recessions dead ahead (if not here already), and the fiat banking system more or less insolvent, the value proposition for CBDCs (aka subservience-tokens) will be Universal Basic Income, with all-encompassing strings attached,” reports warn.

As the economy hastens its implosion, you will see more of this kind of bizarrely restrictive behavior from the money changers. To keep up with the latest, visit

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