Nets Yawn at Pro-Abortion Thug Brutally Assaulting Two Pro-Life Men

In the latest string of violent attacks by pro-abortion activists against innocent pro-life Americans, our friends at Life News reported that on Friday, two men “were assaulted and seriously injured” outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Baltimore, Maryland at the hands of a violent abortion activist. According to a NewsBusters analysis of closed captioning, all three network news broadcasts ignored the story. 

Even during Memorial Day weekend, when the networks could report on it while most of their viewers are away, they still decided to ignore it. On Wednesday evening, nearly a week after the attack happened, all three evening news broadcasts were still silent. Instead, they thought local weather reports (ABC & NBC), and news about country music singer Dolly Parton holding a tenth world record (CBS) were more interesting. 

CBS did however have a news story about the incident on their website, so they did find it newsworthy enough to cover, but not on their nightly newscast where people actually pay attention. 

“Police have confirmed that a pro-abortion man brutally assaulted [two] older pro-life advocates outside a Planned Parenthood abortion business over the weekend,” Life News reported. 

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“Dick Schafer and Mark Crosby were assaulted and seriously injured during the alternation outside the abortion business. Schafer is reportedly at home recovering from his injuries but Crosby, pictured, was injured much more seriously,” the outlet reported. 

If the media ever does get around to covering this latest example of pro-abortion violence, they will surely attempt to spin it as the abortion activists being the victims. 

Yet, according to Life News, the police report shows that “the pro-abortion suspect attacked Schafer first and Crosby came to his pro-life friend’s aid before the suspect shoved him to the ground and kicked him so aggressively to the face he fractured the bone.” 

The assault was so violent that Crosby was “rushed to University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center and was diagnosed with a large hematoma, hyphemia, and head and neck pain.”

This is just the latest example of violent unprovoked attacks by pro-abortion activists against innocent pro-lifers. Life News has compiled a long list of attacks since 2022

The three evening news broadcasts disgusting bias by omission was made possible by Progressive on ABC, Liberty Mutual on CBS, and Breyers on NBC. Their information is linked so you can contact them. 

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