Disneyland’s Drag Queen Shows Us It’s Time for a New Age of Doing Without

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They’re not going to leave the kids alone.

No matter how many billions woke corporations lose trying to shove gender cult nonsense down the throats of our kids and society in general, they aren’t going to stop. How do I know? Disneyland has put a man with a mustache in a dress as a greeter at the Bibbity Boppity Boo Salon where parents pay hundreds of dollars to give their little girls a princess makeover complete with a princess dress, hairstyle, and nails — which I can say from experience becomes the itchiest, hottest, glitter-filled, nightmare as soon as you walk out into the Florida sun. My daughter lasted about 15 minutes in that getup before we had to strip it off her and put her in something comfortable.

But THIS actually happened:

Let’s forget for a moment that children will almost certainly be scared by this person who exudes weirdness from every pore, but what little girl looks at him and thinks, “That’s what I want to be!”? None. Little girls like princesses because they are feminine and beautiful, not masculine and bizarre-looking.

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But look around. The massive Target and Bud Light backlash did not stop Kohls from getting in on the idiocy. Nor did it stop Chick-fil-A from mandating DEI programming for its employees. They’re all pushing ahead at 400 miles per hour.

It’s time for the American public to boycott everything. By everything, I mean nothing except what is essential should be coming into our homes. Clothes can be bought second-hand at consignment shops or local thrift. You’ll save a ton of money and you won’t end up supporting this woke baloney that is infecting kids. Food can be made much cheaper at home and considering the inflation nightmare we are in, many of us don’t have much choice anymore.

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Don’t eat out. Don’t buy food anywhere but the grocery store, and try to find one with a local owner who will benefit instead of some massive woke corporation. Shop at farm stands. Go in on a local cow with some neighbors and fill your freezer. These people have to feel the hurt.

Vacationing anywhere but Disney properties is pretty easy. Disney World and Disneyland are unaffordable for most people. There are national parks out there worth seeing. There are streams to fish in, campgrounds to explore, and mountains to climb. We’re all too fat, anyway. Make your summer vacation an active one. Cook your own food over a fire and enjoy nature that God will never spoil by slapping garish rainbow decor all over it.

It’s time to get serious, and not just about one store or one brand. Boycott them all. Replace as much as you can with locally grown, locally made, or gently used, or make do with less. Doing with less is actually something that would benefit us all. Isn’t it a great feeling when you take bags of giveaways out of the house? We should do more of that and less shopping. More giving and less mindless consumption will improve our lives, and it would send shock waves through the retail and fast food business.

My porch needs a sprucing up for sure. The cushions are faded and mismatched. But instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new ones, my daughter and I came up with a plan to do it ourselves using canvas drop cloths we can dye and sew into new covers. We figured out how to make fabric paint with acrylic paint and medium gloss so we can decorate the new pillows with our camping theme. We have wood scraps we can turn into candleholders and plywood to fashion wall hangings. It’s going to take longer than going to Walmart and just buying the stuff. It may even take us all summer (and I’ll share photos when it’s done), but I’m done giving my money to these places that have absolutely no regard for my family or me.

My new motto is “nothing but the basics.” Who’s with me?

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