Christian NFL kicker appears to troll Biden by wearing pro-life tie to White House

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The man who drilled the go-ahead field goal that won Super Bowl LVII for the Kansas City Chiefs last February has just notched another win, this time for his faith and the cause of the unborn. During a visit to the White House to celebrate the team’s win, kicker Harrison Butker wore a tie emblazoned with a pro-life message.

On Monday, the Chiefs, including some players and staff who have moved on to other teams or other phases of their lives, visited President Joe Biden at the White House to commemorate their second Super Bowl win in four years. While standing behind Biden, who made remarks at the podium, Butker wore a gray tie with the phrase “Vulnerari Praesidio” stitched into it in white. Vulnerari Praesidio is Latin for “protect the vulnerable.”

Butker, 27, has been outspoken about his Catholic faith. Shortly after the Super Bowl in February, he gave an interview with EWTN, a Catholic outlet, to discuss the role that his religion plays in his life.

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“I’m not just making kicks so that I can make money and I can puff myself up as this great person that people want to be like one day,” he explained. “I’m making kicks because God wants me to have a platform, at least for right now, to share this message of faith, of growing in virtue, of growing closer to the sacraments and of being a saint.”

“I envision my life with my wife and having lots of children and being saints,” he added. “That’s what I envision. I don’t really envision myself being in the Hall of Fame, winning more Super Bowls, getting x, y, and z records, getting that contract. It’s just not something I really think about. … All of my fantasies, you could say, are all for my family and for my children.”

Butker, who was once an altar server and who regularly attends the traditional Latin mass, stated that his faith keeps him grounded and focused on Jesus. “I don’t allow [the fame] to get to my head and change the way I view myself because I’m a child of God,” he claimed. “I’m a sinner. I need a savior, I need Jesus, I need the sacraments, and prayer grounds me. And then, again, always coming back to my vocation and knowing that that job is way more important than kicking a football.”

In wearing a tie advocating for the protection of “the vulnerable,” which often refers to the unborn as well as the aged and infirm, Butker promoted Catholic moral teaching, which claims that “human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception” and calls any “formal cooperation” in abortion “a grave offense.” It also claims that “intentional euthanasia … is murder.”

With the tie, Butker may have even been chastising Biden, a fellow Catholic, for his public support for abortion. While Wilton Cardinal Gregory, the archbishop of the diocese of Washington, D.C., has agreed that Biden “is not demonstrating Catholic teaching” with his pro-abortion stance, the cardinal has opted not to formally excommunicate the president. Formal excommunication would mean Biden could not present himself to receive communion at mass until he made a full confession and publicly renounced his support for abortion.

During his speech at the White House on Monday, Biden praised the Chiefs for their work off the field by “speaking out for racial justice, honoring veterans as you do, supporting tutors and mentors for local schools.” He did not, however, mention Butker’s tireless efforts to promote the Catholic faith, traditional marriage, and the pro-life cause.

President Biden hosts Kansas City Chiefs at White House | full

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