Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Says FBI is Afraid Biden Informant Will Be Killed if Identity is Released


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is afraid its informant who provided information about an alleged bribery scheme by the Biden family will be killed if their identity is exposed.

The alleged $5 million bribery scheme occurred while Joe Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s vice president.

“Just left meeting for House Oversight. The FBI is afraid their informant will be killed if unmasked, based on the info he has brought forward about the Biden family,” Luna tweeted on Monday.

The congresswoman added that “According to the @FBI , Biden as VP was involved in a 5 million dollar bribery scheme with a foreign national.”

Luna also discussed the situation with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures over the weekend.

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“You know, over the last couple of months, House Oversight as well as the staff that helps us run the investigations has proven that we’ve actually been able to provide evidence,” Luna said. “You know, before there were speculation on the Ponzi scheme for influence peddling and also the personal enrichment of the Biden family. And now what we’re finding is that these are no longer allegations and we’re creating a hard case.”

Luna continued, “In my opinion, Maria, what we’re seeing right now, if this is true, which I do believe that it is true, in regards to Joe Biden receiving briberies and Hunter Biden, I do believe that this is grounds for impeachment. And so it’s important that we continue to move forward to bring this to the American people, but also to that we I think, do a housecleaning within our DOJ because as you had stated earlier, they are protecting this family, the FBI is protecting the Hunter Biden family, and it’s not okay.”

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