Stunning and brave: Pregnant man on UK Glamour magazine

U.K. Glamour magazine wants its readers to know that transgender men can in fact get pregnant.

The cover of the magazine’s latest U.K. issue features Logan Brown, a transgender man, with one hand lovingly holding a very pregnant belly.

Next to Brown is a headline that reads “Trans Pregnant Proud.”

The magazine finds Brown’s pregnancy remarkable enough to put on the front cover, despite the unignorable fact that she is a biological female with a uterus and a womb.

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“It’s not the fact that this trans person is actually a woman and still has women parts,” Pat Gray comments, adding, “like, I mean a womb, for instance.”

“So, the baby is growing in a womb,” he continues.

According to the Glamour interview, Brown is pregnant by her partner Bailey J. Mills, who is a “legendary” non-binary drag performer.

Brown claimed in the interview that she is “living proof of a pregnant, transgender man.”

“I do exist, no matter what anyone says,” said the transgender male.

“Well, of course, because you’re a woman. That’s why you’re pregnant. If you weren’t a woman and you were an actual man you wouldn’t be pregnant,” Gray says in response.

Brown is also currently working on a children’s book called “In My Daddy’s Belly: The Miracle of Male Birth.”

According to the book’s publisher, Bigger Picture Books, the story is “wholesome,” “written in a way that is accessible to children of all ages,” and “gives some basic facts about transgender Dads giving birth.”

Gray is not having it.

“Can we stop, seriously? Can we just stop and get back to reality? Will that ever happen? Will the pendulum swing back and we’ll actually say, ‘No, okay, you know what, you’re not really a man. Stop pretending that you’re a man.’”

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