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Recently, there was a controversy surrounding several corporations that sent emails to customers regarding Mother’s Day and Father’s Day promotional emails. These emails provided an option to opt out of receiving material related to the occasions. The companies acknowledged that these holidays can be a sensitive topic for some individuals and offered recipients the opportunity to click a button to ensure these triggering emails wouldn’t end up in their inboxes — where they would most certainly have gone ignored, anyway.

I understand that for individuals who have recently lost a parent, experienced a miscarriage, or are unable to have children, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be challenging. However, is actively choosing to unsubscribe from these emails truly less distressing than simply disregarding them? Is it really the job of these corporations to tip-toe around everyone’s “triggers?” I don’t think so. But if this is the world we live in, then I guess it’s more than fair that corporations allow their customers to opt out of pride month marketing, right?

If corporations don’t want to trigger people who have problems with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, then surely they recognize that there are people who disagree with the LGBTQ lifestyle, and show them some courtesy and respect by giving them the option to not have to receive pride month email blasts.

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I am positive there are plenty of people who would prefer not to see pathetic corporate virtue signaling fill up their inboxes during pride month. I’m sure there are also plenty who would like to not see special pride month selections of entertainment featured prominently on their favorite streaming service platforms. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, it’s rather easy to find the platform’s curated collection of LGBTQ stories during the month of June.

Where do I click to opt out of that?

Considering how effortlessly these platforms can customize content for users, taking into account their viewing patterns, previous purchases, and browsing histories, one would assume they could easily discern that I’m about as inclined to click on their LGBTQ content as I am to donate to Joe Biden.

Geez, it would be a relief not to be constantly bombarded by LGBTQ-themed commercials while enjoying family-friendly entertainment. Just the other day, I witnessed a commercial for a matchmaking app that focused on a single same-sex couple in an intense close-up for a solid 30 seconds. Gone are the days when these apps advertised both straight and same-sex couples — at least for the month of June. It was pure virtue signaling on their part, so let’s not pretend it was anything else.

Look, if corporations truly cared about not “triggering” their customers, they’d give them a wide range of options for various marketing themes they could opt out of. Obviously, the same corporate know-it-alls who don’t want to trigger someone who just lost a parent or a child with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day marketing don’t care if you’re offended by pride month marketing.

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