THIS is going to BREAK our country

We’re in the middle of a battle of ideas, and Mark Levin believes that if we don’t fight back against the Democrats with our own, our country isn’t going to make it.

“I am telling you, we must engage these people, and you must engage them on ideas,” Levin says. “Marxism is an idea. Fascism is an idea.”

While all of these ideas the left espouses are full of promises, Levin is well aware that they produce the opposite.

“They never produce what they say they’re going to produce. They produce horror. They produce death. They produce impoverishment. But the promises are endless.”

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“If only you would give up more liberty. If only you would give up private property. If only you would do what we’d tell you to do,” he adds.

Why do so many Americans buy into these empty promises?

“Liberty takes some explanation not to those who don’t have it, but to those who do,” Levin says. “Most countries in the world, they’re fending to survive. And even in advanced so-called societies like China, you have to watch what you say, where you say it, when you say it, or you’re disappeared.”

Levin believes if Americans don’t wake up, we’ll end up in the same place.

“It’s frightening the similarities. We are definitely on the road to totalitarianism,” he warns.

“People wrap themselves in democracy. They wrap themselves in individualism. And they get away with it because they control the culture. We have no control over the culture, and so we need to push back.”

He notes that one of the worst symptoms of a culture being lost is our “sick form of eugenics.” That is, abortion.

“No free nation on the face of the Earth kills its children in the womb a week before birth. None, except this one.”

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