Woman sets up camera for social media in book store and captures a man being very creepy behind her

A woman recording a video for her TikTok account caught a creepy man lurking behind her and acting bizarrely while he perused a book store in California.

28-year-old Michaela Witter began shooting a series on TikTok called “solo dates” to document how people, especially women, could participate in activities on their own.

Witter said that she was filming herself at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Burbank when she noticed a man who appeared to be stalking her.

“It felt like anywhere I moved, he kept following me,” she told KTLA-TV. “So I recorded just in case he was trying to say anything or do anything to me, but I definitely did not expect him to do this.”

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The man walked up behind her then got on the floor and moved his face right up to her legs and backside.

“I was so freaked out,” she said. “He was literally under me, so freaking close to me, so I decided to tell the front desk.”

She said that she confronted the man, which can be seen on the video. She asks what he’s doing and he responds that he’s tying his show.

“Which he wasn’t,” Witter said. “He was pretending to. His shoes were tied.”

She said she didn’t know what he was up to, and he didn’t have a cellphone in his hand at the time.

After the confrontation, Witter captured him appearing to do the same thing to another woman in the bookstore.

She reported the bizarre interaction to Burbank police and posted the video on her social media channel. Some were suspicious of the altercation and accused her of organizing a hoax.

Others who had experienced similar incidents believed her account.

“A lot of women were very sympathetic because they have experienced this harassment from men and stalking,” Witter said.

Burbank police said they were working with Barnes & Noble to identify the man through surveillance video. Witter said that her followers and law enforcement found that the man might be previously accused of peeping, prowling, and residential burglary in the same area of Burbank.

Here’s the news report from KTLA-TV:

TikTok video captures man lurking near women’s legs in Burbank bookstoreyoutu.be

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