Apple Podcasts REMOVED Glenn Beck’s show with ZERO explanation

Big Tech is at it again. Anything that doesn’t fit the accepted narrative is kicked to the curb.

It appears that’s exactly what happened with Glenn Beck’s podcast. Without any warning or explanation, Apple sent him the following message yesterday: “We found an issue with your show, ‘The Glenn Beck Program,’ which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts. Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.”

Luckily the Apple Podcasts team graciously sent Glenn a link where he could access more information.

Except that link only led to a page that said, “Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.”

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So helpful.

“This is crazy,” says Glenn, who explains that his show has never had so much as a strike.

Such a blatant disregard of the First Amendment goes to show the lengths Big Tech will go to to silence anyone who refuses to bend the knee.

The good news is Glenn’s supporters rallied around him and pushed back against Apple, and within just hours, the company restored his 3000+ podcast episodes.

“I want to thank everyone (on the left, right and everyone in between) who spoke up today,” he tweeted.

While we’re thrilled that Glenn’s podcasts have been restored, the issue still remains: Big Tech is censoring people who speak against the accepted narrative, and we won’t stand for it.

“This is why it’s so important to get Blaze TV, because we’re not playing this game; we don’t censor anybody,” Glenn says.

And here’s more good news: we’ve got a promo code for you! Use code WILLNOTBECENSORED for $30 off your subscription

See you on the other side

(P.S. It’s much greener over here.)

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