Richard Grenell warns people to be afraid of the government, then fires back at Adam Kinzinger for telling him to ‘Shut up’

Richard Grenell, who has previously served as U.S. ambassador to Germany, acting director of National Intelligence, and special presidential envoy for Serbia and Kosovo peace negotiations, has urged people to be afraid of the government.

“Fear your government! They are coming for you. Biden has turned it into a system that listens to you, watches your transactions, cancels you for disagreeing with them and censoring your opinions. It’s getting worse. And no one in DC is worried because they are the perpetrators,” Grenell wrote on X.

Former U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, a Republican, offered a two-word response to Grenell’s assertions: “Shut up.”

Grenell responded, “lol. Debate, Adam. Don’t shut down dissent views. Your J6 committee didn’t have a single dissenting voice on the entire committee – everyone agreed….but that isn’t the real world.”

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As a member of Congress, Kinzinger voted in favor of impeaching then-President Donald Trump on the heels of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Kinzinger was one of the two Republicans to serve on the House Select Committee that was supposed to investigate the Jan. 6 incident. He became a CNN senior political commentator after leaving office.

Grenell has said that “Democrats are afraid of dissenting views” and “are crushing and cancelling people who don’t comply” with the media assisting. “It’s unAmerican and intolerant,” he wrote.

“If you value counter culture or dissenting views, you must throw out Democrats from power,” Grenell has asserted.

When someone on social media claimed that the government only goes after people who violate the law, Grenell responded by calling the commenter “naive.”

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