Joe Rogan Blasts Climate Change Cult: ‘You’re Not Saving Jack Sh*t!’

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Joe Rogan shredded the radical proposals of “climate change” activists on his show, letting viewers know that they are not only draconian, but fundamentally useless.

During the August 16 edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan and former CIA officer Mike Baker drew attention to the climate radicalism roiling the West. Rogan did not mince his words when referring to “climate change” alarmism. “You’re not saving jack sh*t,” Rogan bluntly said, referring to “climate change” activists. 

Rogan’s comments came during an exchange with Baker about the countries that bear the most responsibility for carbon emissions. Baker put it plainly, “China produces more carbon than all the developed nations combined.” Rogan agreed, further spelling it out for leftists. “Which is very important to talk about when people are talking about going green. Because the amount of impact that would happen even if the United States went to zero– went to zero carbon output, you’re not going to put a dent in what’s happening to the world because most of it is coming from China and India.”

Rogan finished strong, telling his viewers not to be taken in and sacrifice their quality of life for no reason. “So all this shit about don’t eat meat because we’re gonna save the world. You’re not saving jack shit,” Rogan added. “I don’t understand where that message is coming from or why there’s not a nuanced perspective where people are taking into account all these other variables.”

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According to ClimateDepot founder Marc Morano, the idea that our efforts are essentially meaningless given emissions from China and India is even endorsed by climate radical and failed presidential candidate John Kerry. Nevertheless, some on the left ignore this point because as Rogan says “it doesn’t fit the narrative.”  

Conservatives are under attack! Contact ABC News (818) 460-7477, CBS News (212) 975-3247 and NBC News (212) 664-6192 and demand that if they must push climate propaganda that they cover Chinese and Indian carbon emissions AT LEAST as much as they go after the American way of life. 

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  2. The Traitor Robert Peters is a disaster and should stand for an impeachment trial, be removed from office, and jailed! Let’s face it he sold out the Country and American people for personal gain! Will he be removed from office, not a chance, however let’s see how our elected representatives vote, do they vote for corruption at the highest level of government or for the rule of law? We The People all need to see who stands with America and who does not! If impeachment comes contact your representatives both parties let them know you are watching and interested in their vote that indicates their commitment to America!

  3. Do not buy into the climate scam, use all the resources you need, the elites that are promoting this nonsense are not cutting back, why should you!? Don’t be a sucker!

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