The Maui fires are highly suspicious: Here are NINE questions we should all be asking

The Maui fires are highly suspicious: Here are NINE questions we should all be asking

There are a lot of anomalies in what is now being described as “the largest natural disaster” in Hawaii history.

The Maui fires, which have run their course and left the city of Lahaina and surrounding areas scorched and devastated, do not make sense in terms of how the government is trying to explain them away as “a product … of … global warming combined with drought, combined with a super storm where we had a hurricane offshore several hundred miles, still generating large winds,” to quote Hawaii Gov. Josh Green.

There are many unanswered questions about the disaster, including (1) How did the fires really start? Gov. Green’s explanation makes little sense, especially since the visuals coming out of Lahaina show what appears to be evidence of directed energy weapons (DEWs).

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Also, (2) How did the fires spread so rapidly? We are told by the media that the raging inferno swept the land so fast that trapped residents and visitors had to jump into the Pacific Ocean to save themselves.

Another strange anomaly is the fact that (3) The Lahaina fire, which was supposedly already “out” at the time, ended up causing the most damage of all the fires.

We would also like to know (4) Why Maui’s emergency sirens never went off as they were supposedly designed to do to warn people to flee the area? This is a disturbing conspiracy all on its own.

What are your thoughts on what really happened in Lahaina and why?

And (5) What about all those emergency supplies? We are told that a “telecommunications blackout” is to blame for interfering with the delivery of said supplies to those most in need.


Reports also indicate that (6) Homeowners throughout the area are already being contacted by others wanting to purchase their scorched properties. It would seem as though the vultures are already circling to take over the area now that it has been burned to the ground – did these vultures know what was going to happen before it actually did?

Then we have the FBI (7) Bringing a “mobile refrigerated morgue” into Lahaina, for what purpose? Are there many more deaths than what is being reported?

And (8) Why aren’t police and national guardsmen protecting what remains from looters? According to reports, there is “some” police and military presence in and around Lahaina, but overall, it is a chaotic nightmare, especially at night when “people are being robbed at gunpoint,” according to Matt Robb, the co-owner of a Lahaina bar called The Dirty Monkey.

“People are raped and pillaged,” Robb said. “I mean, they’re going through houses – and then by day, it’s hunky-dory. So where is the support? I don’t think our government and our leaders, at this point, know how to handle this or what to do.”

Perhaps the most disturbing element to all this is the way that fake president Joe Biden is taking it all in stride. (9) Why is the “most popular” White House occupant based on the alleged vote count hamming it up for his umpteenth vacation while the survivors of the Maui fires suffer?

“No comment,” was all the “big guy” had to say when asked by reporters about the Maui fires. Even though the death toll has since breached 100, Biden was seen sunbathing on a beach near his Delaware home without a care in the world.

“When disaster strikes, we need a leader in the White House that knows how to act appropriately,” reported End of the American Dream about Biden’s callous disregard for the people he supposedly represents.

By all appearances, the Maui fires were another government-contrived false flag attack against Americans and the United States itself. Learn more at

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