Is the government HIDING evidence of Jan. 6 FENCE CUTTER?

If you trust that the government has your best interest at heart, then you must not be paying attention.

While the government has wasted no time forming a January 6th committee and persecuting protestors, it seems to have glossed over suspicious figures whom the public is demanding answers for.

Revolver News founder and editor Darren Beattie joins Glenn Beck to discuss what he knows about these men and why the public should be concerned.

Beattie shares that new evidence has surfaced that suggests an unknown man who cut down fences around the Capitol before the January 6th riot may have been an undercover cop — or at least a shady figure whom the government doesn’t seem to care about.

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“We do have video depicting this individual cutting fencing designated in the restricted area around the Capitol,” Beattie says, adding that this happened “before Trump was done speaking, before the crowd went over to the Capitol.”

These people “were hanging around the Capitol when there was no real reason to be there, and furthermore, they were methodically, professionally, coolly cutting down the fencing that designates where the restricted zone is,” Beattie adds.

What this did was “create one of American history’s largest legal booby traps,” he tells Glenn, “because later on when the whole crowd went over to the Capitol, they were unwittingly walking into the restricted zone for which they could be charged, and many people actually were charged.”

The fence cutter then interacts with a known undercover cop in such a way that “the cop says, ‘Appreciate it, brother,’ when this fence cutter removes the fencing, allowing the undercover officer to move forward.”

Beattie then tells Glenn that if the “fence cutter bulwark were simply identified, it would be the biggest scandal in the country and definitively confirm that January 6th was a fed-surrection in the darkest sense of the imagination.”

This information has led Beattie to believe that there is much more to January 6th than the government wants Americans to believe.

“The whole purpose of this fed-surrection narrative is to justify the weaponization of the government against the GOP and, more importantly, against its constituents,” he says.

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