Karl Rove Calls Vivek’s ‘Bought and Paid for’ Debate Line ‘Conspiratorial’

Karl Rove recently had some choice words for one Vivek Ramaswamy, presumably because he doesn’t have the cojones to go after the Big Guy and therefore will settle for his proxy. He apparently thinks Republican voters are too stupid or lazy to do their own research. Insightful in terms of how the Bush machine operative the base he panders to, no?

Via Wall Street Journal (emphasis added):

A particularly low point of last week’s GOP presidential debate came at around the 39-minute mark, when an unusually glib, shallow, overbearing, smooth-talking biotech entrepreneur proclaimed himself “the only person on the stage who isn’t bought and paid for.”…

Mr. Ramaswamy’s “bought and paid for” comment was part of a pattern of demagoguery. He regularly appeals to voters’ conspiratorial instincts

It didn’t matter to Mr. Ramaswamy that President Trump’s stolen-election claims got their day in court and couldn’t be proved. Or that the militia members, Proud Boys and an outright mob Mr. Trump whipped up on the Capitol steps weren’t merely trying to scream. They beat police officers bloody trying to stop a joint session of Congress. How weird for a person seeking to represent a party that once championed law and order to excuse this sort of behavior.

Rove hit all the typical establishment talking points: 9/11 “conspiracy theories” bad, Jan. 6 bad, “election denialism” bad. It was indistinguishable from an MSNBC news actor’s script.

Unfortunately for him and his establishment ilk, the Wall Street Journal doesn’t control conservative or libertarian discourse as it once did. Those days are finished, as is Karl Rove’s relevancy, no matter how many appearances he makes on Fox News in deferential interviews with made-up news actors.

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Nikki Haley, establishment doll du jour after her allegedly impressive debate performance, went from virtually broke in 2017 to a multimillionaire today with a $5 million island mansion thanks to defense contractor money. So when she shills on the stage for endless war, it’s really for her own pocket.

Chris Christie, who ludicrously claims that he made a “great sacrifice” to become a lifelong Swamp creature, has somehow generated a $5 million fortune for himself during his lengthy decades of “public service.” That’s a lot of Krispy Kreme. No one willing to be honest believes he accumulated this wealth honestly through hard work. He is bought and paid for.

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Via The New York Times:

Over the past six years, Mr. Christie has repeatedly capitalized, for personal gain, on the connections he made as one of the best-known governors in the country.

He started a federal lobbying and consulting firm called Christie 55 Solutions, joined a multimillion-dollar real estate venture with a donor, landed a contract with ABC News, represented an international fugitive and sat on corporate boards, including that of his beloved New York Mets, the tortured baseball franchise run by his friend and megadonor, the billionaire Steve Cohen.

And in 2018, the Christies bought a multimillion-dollar shorefront home in Bay Head, one of the more exclusive towns on the Jersey Shore. Their neighbors included, at one point, members of Bon Jovi.

Check out all that “public service!” Pig at the trough, that one.

Save for Ron DeSantis, who seems to be the cleanest of the lot, the other candidates don’t have a shot in hell of ever getting elected, so it’s almost a waste of effort to document their cravenness. But suffice it to say that if the rest of the miserable greaseballs running vanity campaigns aren’t already bought and paid for (because they don’t have enough influence to peddle), they’re eager beavers to get on the Swamp gravy train.

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