English man discovers ‘twitching’ mouse in mushroom noodle soup

A man from southeast England who recently had Chinese take-out spoke out about the horror of discovering what he claimed to be a “twitching” mouse in his mushroom noodle soup.

Sam Hayward, 39, said he started eating the soup when he noticed something that appeared to be moving at the bottom of the bowl. Before he did anything else, he reportedly started filming the rodent before calling the Gillingham restaurant from which his girlfriend ordered the food, according to the Daily Mail.

However, the restaurant claimed they never provided the food in question. Because Hayward had apparently paid in cash and did not have a receipt, there was no way to prove that he got the food from the restaurant in question.

Hayward was convinced the rodent was just a large mushroom before noticing that there was a tail. He said his girlfriend called him asking if he wanted anything to eat, and he said he would like a jacket potato.

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“She said she wanted a Chinese, so she won that one,” he said. “I started eating and got about three-quarters to halfway through it and then thought, ‘That’s a big mushroom, isn’t it?'”

“It was twitching… I’m no animal expert, but it couldn’t have been alive.”

He explained that the tail was the first part he discovered, and it “freaked” him out.

“I couldn’t believe it. It made me feel sick. I probably spent about 25 minutes in the toilet after trying to make myself sick.”

“I just wanted to throw up straight away. I’ve got a pretty strong stomach, but this was another level. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.”

Not knowing what else to do, he decided to start recording the rodent. He said he was “still in shock,” and “I don’t know why I filmed it but I did.”

“The first thing I wanted to do was get mad at someone so I phoned the takeaway up and they said to prove it. Emily used cash only and we didn’t get a receipt, so we couldn’t.”

Hayward, who had been a regular customer of the Chinese restaurant in Gillingham for 20 years, said they just flat-out denied it was their food.

“All I wanted was for them to apologize – it’s just the principle,” he said.

“I didn’t want them to say, ‘Sam, you have free Chinese food for life’… I wouldn’t have wanted it.”

Hayward noted that he has not yet made the local environmental health department aware of the situation.

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