Fauci Pushes Masking Again With a Ridiculous Word Salad

In the past few weeks, there have been noticeable efforts to condition the public to brace for a new COVID-19 season.

First, there was talk of a new COVID variant and the need for funding from Congress to develop a new, updated vaccine for it — and with that, a potential mandate.

“I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to Congress, a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works,” Biden said last week. “Tentatively, it is recommended that it will likely be recommended everybody get it, no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

And with the news of a new variant, a new vaccine and potentially a mandate comes the fearmongering. CNN reported Friday that it seems like “everyone has Covid-19,” and despite what it seems like, it’s probably worse, and then claiming that infection rates and hospitalization rates are rising to concerning levels.

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I guess it’s not doing enough to send people running to their local pharmacies for boosters, or getting a fresh supply of masks because now the gatekeepers have dusted off Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former director of NIAID, who just can’t seem to go away and leave us all alone.

On Saturday, Fauci appeared on CNN and floated the idea that the CDC could recommend masking again.

“I would hope that if in fact we get to the point where the volume of cases is such and organizations like the CDC recommend — the CDC doesn’t mandate anything, I mean, recommends that people wear masks — I would hope that they abide by the recommendation and take into account the risk to themselves and to their families,” he said. “And again, we’re not talking there’s forcing anybody to do anything.”

At this point, host Michael Smerconish lamented that many people question the efficacy of masks. “Totally understood,” he said. “There is a perception out there by many — how many I don’t know — that they don’t work and that the data concludes that they didn’t work in the first go-round. Respond to that on masks.”

Fauci insisted that wasn’t the case.

“Yeah, well, that’s not so,” Fauci insisted. “I mean, when you’re talking about at the population level, that the data are less strong than knowing that if you look on a situation as an individual, protecting themselves or protecting them from spreading it, there’s no doubt that masks work.”

Fauci claimed that different studies show different percentages of an advantage from masking but argued that many studies say there is a benefit to masking.

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Smerconish then cited a New York Times article that referenced a high-quality study inciting that masks don’t work to stop COVID, and to that, Fauci said that “there are other studies,” before launching into a Kamala Harris-esque word salad.

According to Fauci, there are studies “that show at an individual level for individual [sic] when you’re talking about the effect on the epidemic or the pandemic as a whole, the data are less strong, but when you talk about as an individual basis of someone protecting themselves, or protecting themselves from spreading it to others, there’s no doubt that there are many studies that show that there is an advantage.”

Regarding the study cited by Smerconish, Fauci dismissed it by claiming the data is “less firm with regard to the effect on the overall pandemic, but we’re not talking about that we’re talking about an individual’s effect on their own safety that’s a bit different than the broad population level.”

So according to Fauci, wearing a mask is apparently beneficial to the individual, even if not beneficial to the entire population. What the hell kind of ridiculousness is that? For starters, it goes against the narrative that the CDC has long been pushing about masking, despite the fact that the CDC has previously acknowledged that COVID transmission rates were virtually the same between states with and without mask mandates.

Let’s not forget that Dr. Fauci is the same person who admitted in the early days of the pandemic that masks were not effective. There is literally no reason to trust him on anything anymore, and his ridiculous word salad to write off a study that doesn’t have the right conclusion is just the latest proof that he’s full of crap.

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