GREAT NEWS – South Dakota regulators put immediate END to “green” carbon capture pipeline scheme

GREAT NEWS – South Dakota regulators put immediate END to “green” carbon capture pipeline scheme

In a rare victory for We the People, government regulators in the state of South Dakota have unanimously shot down efforts by carbon capture firm Navigator to rip up the state’s farms as part of the Left’s overarching anti-carbon “green” agenda.

In case you missed it, South Dakota farmers have been under attack by the climate cult, which wants to seize their land and turn it into a massive network of carbon capture pipelines.

News of the plan went viral, prompting widespread public outrage over the ease with which the “green” cult was seemingly gaining control over private property in South Dakota. Then we found out that the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (SDPUC) was not going to roll over without a fight.

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According to reports, the SDPUC rejected Navigator’s carbon dioxide (CO2) permit application for the project, which is now dead on arrival. The regulator ruled that Navigator did not adequately demonstrate certain standards of proof that are necessary to justify the carbon capture and storage (CCS) project.

Landowner concerns also played a primary role in the SDPUC decision as all three commissioners at the regulator are in agreement that Navigator does not have the legal right to steal people’s land for its project, even if it offers a cash bribe.

“Perhaps most telling to me are the percentage of landowners who have made conscious decisions to say, ‘No, thank you,’ to the money offered for this event because they’re not willing to trade their welfare for dollars and cents,” commented Chris Nelson, one of the three SDPUC commissioners who ruled against the carbon capture pipeline scheme.


Why is the Left so afraid of carbon?

Just to be clear, this ruling does not mean that Navigator is prohibited from ever again trying to reapply for the same permit. There is still a chance, in other words, that South Dakota could become ground zero for the anti-carbon agenda of the greenies.

The hope is that it will be a lot harder for Navigator and other companies like it to obtain such permits now that the general public is aware of the scheme and what it entails.

According to NationalGrid, CCS technology “involves the capture of carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes, such as steel and cement production, or from the burning of fossil fuels in power generation.” That carbon “is then transported from where it was produced, via ship or in a pipeline, and stored deep underground in geological formations.”

Navigator’s planned CCS project involves capturing and sequestering carbon via pipelines running through South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

“Think of a daily mindset of landowners: Is there a leak? Will I know? How can I protect my family?” commented SDPUC chairwoman Kristie Fiegen about other landowner concerns pertaining to the proposed project.

A spokesperson from the SDPUC confirmed the unanimous vote by the regulator to not grant Navigator its requested permit, to which Navigator responded with the following:

“While we are disappointed with the recent decision to deny our permit application in South Dakota, our company remains committed to responsible infrastructure development. We will evaluate the written decision of the Public Utilities Commission once issued and determine our course of action in South Dakota thereafter. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and safety remains unwavering, and we will continue to pursue our permitting processes in the other regions we operate in.”

Several members of the general public added to the conversation that there is a much cheaper and more effective way to capture CO2: simply plant more trees, which breathe in CO2 and release oxygen for humans and animals to breathe – case closed.

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