NAZI PROJECTION: Biden Regime funding Neo-Nazi staged “rallies” in USA to make it look like Trump supporters are all right-wing extremists

NAZI PROJECTION: Biden Regime funding Neo-Nazi staged “rallies” in USA to make it look like Trump supporters are all right-wing extremists

When you think of Disney World, do you think of “The Most Magical Place on Earth” or an army of men in Nazi regalia with meticulously rehearsed antisemitic chants? Well for those in the North Orlando area this past weekend, the latter was reality. A mob of neo-Nazis stormed central Florida on Sept. 7 and filled the air with chants of “Heil Hitler” and “Jews won’t replace us!” The group, known as the “Blood Tribe,” traveled all the way from Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Mainstream media has dubbed this event a ragtag showing of far-right Trump supporting Republicans. But that is not the case. It was clear that this event was well organized, likely externally funded and potentially staged. As the next presidential election draws closer, efforts by Democrats to de-legitimize a serious run by former President Donald Trump will ramp up significantly. It is possible that there are secret string pullers calling the shots and organizing staged events like the one outside of Orlando.

Someone chose the Blood Tribe to travel to Florida and host this event because of their neo-Nazi reputation. But what they did not count on was Blood Tribe leader Christopher “Hammer” Pohlhaus emphatically proclaiming he supports Joe Biden. But why? Well, many of the neo-Nazi’s who Pohlhaus claims “are everywhere” have fought in Ukraine for the Azov Battalion, a volunteer paramilitary militia fighting alongside troops supported by the Biden Administration.

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One prominent member of the Blood Tribe who has fought in Ukraine, alongside the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, is Kent “Boneface” McLellan. In 2012, Boneface was arrested by the FBI operatives in Florida and convicted of domestic terrorism. Currently Boneface is an active SoundCloud artist who produces Nazi-based music. According to Boneface, he and others with similar backgrounds were recently hand selected by the CIA to join the Azov Battalion. Before being shipped off to Ukraine on America’s dime, they were given Ukrainian passports.


Biden administration actively finding and funding violent domestic neo-Nazis

A detailed report by Time magazine back in 2019 revealed how the Azov Battalion is driven by Nazi ideology and had been committing war crimes in Ukraine for several years. There is also evidence that Azov Battalion members were inciting to crowds violence during the Jan. 6 false-flag riots at the Capitol. How come the Biden Administration is actively finding violent domestic neo-Nazis, funneling them into Ukraine and providing them with support and various resources?

It is possible that the president is losing support for his position on the way and has resorted to choosing the most degenerate individuals in the U.S. to drive his agenda. But presidents of the past would never have supported the toxic and evil ideology that Nazism represents. Instead, strong presidents of the past have fought to eliminate Nazism and domestic terrorism from civilized society.

We already know that elements of Ukraine’s military are beholden to Nazi ideology. Even Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has been pictured wearing a bracelet on his right wrist that features the outline of a swastika. That photo has been circulating on the internet since last spring.

This staging of Nazis in Florida is just the beginning of the attempted sinking of the Trump ‘battleship’ of the 2024 POTUS campaign. It’s dirty pool and it’s the only way the Biden Regime has any chance of cheating another victory, especially with RFK Jr. on the ticket too, who’s blowing the whistle on the Democratic Party’s corruption right and left.

Visit for more stories about the Biden administration’s support of neo-Nazis and other degenerate elements.

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