THIS segment of ‘The View’ will go down as one of the TOP 10 stupidest moments EVER to air on the show

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You know it’s bad when Dave Rubin says, “This is top 10 ‘View’ insanity.”

And once you see this clip of Ana Navarro and “Joyless” Behar talking about New York’s immigrant problem, you’ll see why.

As many know, New York is overrun by illegal immigrants. The problem is so bad that Mayor Eric Adams has said something to the effect of, “Get the eff out of here. There’s nothing I can do.”

Now this personally affects the ladies of “The View,” as their show is filmed in New York.

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“Look at their response now that it is quite literally at their doorstep. This is spectacular,” says Dave as he plays the clip.

“It puts tremendous stress on a city, on a community, on the social services,” Navarro whines about the immigrants. “They need to be resettled elsewhere.”

“It’s only going to get worse with global warming and climate change because people can’t live in certain parts of this world,” adds Behar.

“The hypocrisy of these elite, rich women,” laughs Dave. “They don’t give a s**t when this is happening in the border towns of Texas.”

Further, their suggestion to just “resettle” the immigrants is ludicrous on multiple levels.

“There’s, like, a twang of Nazism in there — ‘We’ll resettle these dirty people … spread them out throughout the country,'” mocks Dave. “How about you can’t come into the country in the first place?”

Not to mention, when Governor DeSantis did exactly that and sent a handful of illegals near Obama’s estate in Martha’s Vineyard, the ladies of “The View” nearly lost their wits.

“It really is just so profoundly astounding how easily you can punch holes in their hypocrisy,” Dave says.

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