U.S. Beware: CCP Boasts of Record Aircraft Presence Around Taiwan

The anti-American Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is boasting of how its record military aircraft presence around Taiwan could translate into “real action” at any time. And considering that the CCP has threatened the United States in relation to Taiwan numerous times — not to mention U.S. economic dependence on Taiwan — this should be a real and serious concern for America.

The CCP’s threats against America include a warning in May that Taiwan and any Americans potentially assisting Taiwan or sailing in the surrounding waters are “within range” of CCP “firepower.” Meanwhile, the CCP is pushingde-dollarizationa move away from the U.S. dollar as standard world reserve currency, and has celebrated the claim that China is superseding America as dominant global influence.

The CCP hates the U.S. as much as it wants to seize the independent democracy of Taiwan, and the invasion of Taiwan would be not only an unjust attack on a sovereign nation but a danger for America. There’s the risk of world war, but there’s also a very immediate economic risk. In March, The Economist reported that “Taiwan produces over 60% of the world’s semiconductors and over 90% of the most advanced ones.” Our high-tech society depends upon those semiconductors. If the CCP were to seize Taiwan, imagine the repercussions in this area.

From CCP propaganda outlet Global Times, Sept. 18:

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A record-breaking more than 100 aircraft of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were spotted around the island of Taiwan within 24 hours on Sunday and Monday. The sightings, which came after 20 PLA vessels, also broke their respective record last week. Experts say this shows that PLA exercises around the Taiwan island have reached a new level…It was the highest number of PLA aircraft that has been recorded in a single day around the island of Taiwan, observers said.

According to flight paths provided by the island’s defense authority, the PLA warplanes covered both ends of the Taiwan Straits and flew to the east side of Taiwan island…

Such a large number of forces and their large-scale joint operation indicates that the PLA’s combat-oriented exercises around the island of Taiwan have reached a new level, and can be turned into real action at any time if necessary, [Chinese military aviation expert] Fu said.

The U.S. (or rather, Jimmy Carter and his allies) did a terrible thing when it formally recognized the CCP government and severed its relationship with Taiwan — not only because the CCP is a murderous crime organization, but because the party has been freedom-hating from the first, and thus always a threat to us. We lent legitimacy to the regime that became our greatest enemy, a regime that even then was bloody and oppressive. Now both Democrats (especially the Biden administration) and Republicans praise, pander to, or take money from Chinese elites.

Even some conservatives will justify businessmen who are complicit in the CCP’s tyranny, like Elon Musk. At what point do we realize that the CCP poses an existential threat to America, and that it is both an illegitimate regime and a cancer that is destroying both China and the world? The CCP’s religious and political persecutions, Uyghur and Tibetan genocides, aggressive censorship, dystopian surveillance, domestic oppression, and foreign infiltration all illustrate how totally evil the CCP is, and how we cannot compromise with the CCP and survive.

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There are some people who will read this and consider it hyperbolic, but they are refusing to face facts. The CCP has expressed its goals for world domination. It publishes its hatred and disdain for the U.S. on a daily basis, threatening, deriding, and insulting. The CCP has infiltrated every level of our institutions and government — according to multiple experts, not according to me. There were (and possibly still are) at least half a dozen illicit CCP police stations in the United States. Meanwhile, evidence shows President Joe Biden and family have received millions of dollars from the Chinese.

The CCP aims to take down both Taiwan and the United States. With its own internal crises in China right now, the CCP’s need for a distraction at home and intimidation abroad grows constantly. The CCP is terrible at creating and sustaining anything of value, but it is very good at killing people — in fact, the CCP is history’s greatest mass murderer, without competition. I’m not the only person to note that the CCP may look to its military as its economy tanks.

The world’s greatest mass murderer might well turn to war amidst all its other failures.

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