Whitlock: Can ‘godly’ Deion Sanders be authentic when he’s doing THIS?

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Deion Sanders is a lot of things – he’s one of the greatest NFL players of all time, he’s a two-time Super Bowl champion, he also played Major League Baseball, even making it to the World Series one year, and now he’s become the head football coach at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

No one can deny that the man is a legend.

But is he godly?

He claims to be, often crediting God with his long list of victories.

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Jason Whitlock, however, isn’t so sure this profession of faith is authentic.

“The man claiming God as his motivating force invited the gangster rap world to his locker room, to his sidelines, to Boulder, Colorado, and everywhere,” says Whitlock.

He then plays a clip of superstar rapper Lil Wayne leading Deion’s team out onto the field.

For those who don’t know, Lil Wayne is a rapper known for gang affiliation and exceedingly explicit song lyrics.

Whitlock plays a second clip of another rapper, a man who calls himself Key Glock, hyping up the players in the locker room.

Key Glock is signed under Young Dolph, the “little wannabe thug that got murdered in Memphis,” says Whitlock in disapproval.

Deion is “the guy who’s telling everybody, ‘Oh, God told me to do this, God this, God that,’” and yet, “on the sidelines [are] Lil Wayne, Key Glock, the Rock, Master P, Offset … the whole gangster rap community – that’s who Deion front and centered for all of Boulder, Colorado,” Whitlock scolds.

“But this is a God thing?”

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