Biden wants to use YOUR tax dollars to fund THIS California cause

If you haven’t noticed, California is kind of a mess.

The state is already struggling to pay its unemployment insurance and has been taking out federal loans, aka American tax dollars, to pay unemployed residents.

Now, California’s legislature has passed a bill that would give striking writers, actors, and other union members unemployment insurance. All it needs is Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature.

Glenn Beck sees where this is headed, and it’s not good.

“If you’re paying people to strike from the union and also get unemployment insurance, you can strike forever,” Glenn says.

“Why are we bailing out the union workers? Why are we bailing out California who now cannot make its own payments on insurance for everybody else? Unemployment insurance, can’t do it. They’re in the hole. Now they want to add unions to that, and what happens when it happens in California?” he adds.

Over $2 billion have gone into Joe Biden’s campaign from the labor unions, so Glenn believes that despite how ridiculous it all seems, it makes perfect sense that they would receive federal funding to bail them out.

“That’s my red line,” he says. “My red line has always been I am not bailing out California. I’m not bailing it out.”

Despite having wanted to live in California in the past for its beautiful shorelines and weather, Glenn never did for this very reason.

“I’ve always wanted to live in California. You know why I didn’t? Because it was insane. I knew it wouldn’t work. I didn’t want to spend all of my money paying for taxes for things that I knew would only make society worse.”

“And yet,” he continues, “now I have to pay for their mistakes.”

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