With a government shutdown looming, Mark Levin is ‘deeply troubled’ by THESE 5 Republicans

Government shutdowns are not uncommon. In fact, there have been 14 shutdowns between 1981 and 2020.

And Mark Levin is in full support — IF those government shutdowns “are for the right reasons,” that is.

“I’ve lived through them before as part of the Reagan administration,” says Levin. “There’ve been 21 of them since the 1970s, and we have survived all of them.”

However, the potential shutdown currently looming over the country has him “deeply troubled.”

“Five members of the Republican Party” who Levin knows “aren’t conservatives” but rather “dead-enders,” are perhaps pushing this shutdown for the wrong reasons.

“If you’re gonna shut down the government, you better have a damn good reason to do it,” says Levin, “something that can be accomplished.”

But it appears that some of these faux Republicans just want to use a shutdown to “run for a higher office” or “draw attention to themselves.”

“These five reprobates are endangering our country,” Levin says. “They’re pretending they’re principled constitutionalists when they’re not.”

Who are these five rogue individuals?

To find out, listen to the show linked below.

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