INFURIATING: Did you know ‘trolled’ journalists are now receiving YOUR tax dollars? Here’s why.

If you were already unhappy with the way that the government spends your tax dollars, then we’ve got some bad news.

The Biden administration has approved a $5.7 million grant to establish a “trauma-informed” care program for “trolled” journalists who have experienced online harassment.

This grant, awarded by the National Science Foundation, will support George Washington University’s Expert Voices Together program.

The grant will “address links between two significant problems impacting trust in contemporary communication systems including the broad and rapid spread of misinformation and abuse and harassment directed at members of expert communities.”

“I don’t know how much Taylor Lorenz had to do behind the scenes to make this possible for her,” Gonzales says, recalling Lorenz’s claim that after doxxing Libs of TikTok, she became a target of right-wing harassment.

In a very teary interview on MSNBC following the doxxing, Lorenz told America in between bouts of blubbering that she received death threats and even contemplated suicide.

Stu Burguiere doesn’t feel so bad for her.

“I mean, here’s the thing; this is a crazy thing that people don’t understand,” Stu comments. “You don’t have to go on Twitter.”

“A lot of things are said on Twitter — terrible things — all the time. And you don’t ever have to know they occur,” he adds.

Stu notes that people go to war and see much, much worse things, but says Lorenz’s reaction is a sign of the times.

“She’s like a composite of the downfall of our society, … a person who would cry and be so disturbed, contemplates suicide over a couple of tweets.”

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