Keith Olbermann Is Why (Some of) the American Left Must Be Destroyed

This column was supposed to be written last week but I got distracted by travel, sleep deprivation, and an overwhelming amount of college football fun last weekend. Fortunately for me, my subject today — Keith Olbermann is a reprehensible jerk — is evergreen.

Back in the raucous days of PJTV, I did a segment on my show “Kruiser Control” called “The Olbermannometer,” where I would mock Olby’s most unhinged MSNBC rant that week. Not surprisingly, there were always a lot to choose from.

Olbermann is so toxic and unlikeable that even MSNBC couldn’t justify keeping him around and fired him. When your leftist outrage is too noxious for a fact-free smear factory like MSNBC, you really are a bottom-feeder.

When Aaron Rodgers went down with a torn Achilles during the first Monday Night Football game of the season, Olbermann couldn’t wait to share is trademark brand of bitterness, which he mistakes for cleverness. Our colleagues at Twitchy covered it:

I’m not much of a Rodgers or Jets fan, but this is a terrible injury and a sad story.

If you’re a decent human being, that is.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most respected quarterbacks of his generation, second only to Tom Brady in the minds of most people. He’s been the league’s Most Valuable Player four times. Former sportscaster Olbermann no doubt admired Rodgers at one time. Rodgers committed the sin of being skeptical about the COVID vaccines, which immediately made him persona non grata to the incurious hordes who believe everything that the government tells them.

That Olbermann lacks the humanity to avoid publicly smearing a guy who was in agony is no surprise — it was actually to be expected. His brand is lashing out like a wounded, rabid animal. What’s disturbing is that Olbermann’s demented pounce on Rodgers simply because he’s opposed to COVID vaccines isn’t really an outlier sentiment over on the pandemic fetish Left. He may be the loon that we think should be buried under a mountain of restraining orders, but he’s the crazy cousin who says what they’re thinking to the progs.

We’re all aware now that the divide created in America by Trump’s victory in 2016 reached Grand Canyon-esque proportions with the pandemic. It’s not possible to bridge and the erosion that caused it will just worsen as we get closer to next year’s presidential election. I’ve had decades-old relationships blown up in the last few years and I’m finally at the point where I don’t see a path to reconciliation for a lot of them.

Because I’m not a sociopath (I have a note from my doctor), I don’t want the people on the Left to be destroyed. Twenty-first century coastal leftist ideology is a cancer that’s trying to hasten the Republic’s demise.

The overwhelming backlash against Bud Light and the utter failure of New Mexico Gov. Pantsuit Pol Pot’s assault on the Second Amendment give me hope that some sort of correction may be in the offing. I’ve been holding out hope that flyover country Dems will soon grow weary of the Keith Olbermann brand of coastal progressive insanity. The Democrats I know in “normal” America bear little resemblance to the New York or Los Angeles variety, and they’re not nearly as loud.

They’ll need to find their voices soon, or this little experiment in freedom will be toast of the burnt variety.

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