Mother waterboarded her baby, put him in freezer to test if father ‘gave a f*** at all’ about child, court docs say. Mom just got her sentence: 30 days in jail.

An Oregon mother who waterboarded her baby and put him in a freezer to test if the father “gave a f*** at all” about the child, court documents say, just got her sentence: 30 days in jail.

In addition to her jail time, 30-year-old Sharday McDonald also was sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation after being convicted of criminal mistreatment, tampering with a witness, and ID theft, KATU-TV reported.

Jail records indicate McDonald’s projected release date is Oct. 6.

What’s the background?

Gresham police in October 2021 responded to a report of a mom putting her baby in a freezer at an apartment at 174th and Burnside, KATU reported, citing court documents.

Arriving officers heard through the door a woman yelling, “You don’t want him. Let me show you this little f***ing baby I don’t f***ing give a f*** about,” the station said.

When the woman — later identified as McDonald — answered the door, she was holding the baby in a blanket, KATU reported.

More from the station:

The baby’s father later arrived and showed police a video call he had with McDonald where she was holding her baby by his onesie and waterboarding him. The officer wrote in police reports that it looked like the baby was trying to hold his breath while water was pouring down his face and into his nose.

After officers arrested her, McDonald said she was sorry and that she did it to test the father to see if “he gave a f*** at all” and thought putting her baby under running water would make the father come back.

She told officers she was not trying to hurt or kill her son by drowning him or putting him in the freezer, according to court documents, but did say that waterboarding the baby was done out of spite.

Police spoke to and showed images of the incident to a pediatrician, who said the child wouldn’t have been able to breathe while water was poured into his nose and that it could have had serious and life-threatening complications, KATU added, citing court documents.

The station said it’s unclear from court records if the child is with his father or what condition the child is in.

KATU also reported that McDonald was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Texas in 2016.

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