‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #88: Howard Stern’s Prissy Wokeness Is a Tough Sell

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Howard Stern — the man who popularized the term “Shock Jock” — is, of late, trying to convince people that he’s super woke and proud of it. As people who are familiar with his work, Kevin and I aren’t buying any of it.


Stern built an empire and amassed a huge fortune by being perhaps the least woke guy in media. We used to listen to him back when he just did radio. Once Stern began broadcasting all of his shows on video as well, it seemed that he spent most of his time talking about his female guests’ boobs. We’re no purists here over at the Unwoke Ranch, but that got a little boring, even for us.

The larger issue here is that Stern feels the need to suck up to the anti-First Amendment woke fascists, even though there’s no way he’s actually become like them. We have a discussion about free speech, comedy, and how leftist entertainers are trying to sell out the Constitution.

We’re not giving in, by the way.


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