Gavin Newsom panics that his son listens to Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson: ‘I really worry about these micro-cults’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) recently aired concern about his son’s interest in Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.

In an interview with Bloomberg that was published Sept. 7, Newsom was asked if he has discussed artificial intelligence with any of his four children. The governor confirmed that he has and offered insight into his concern about his kids gravitating toward “micro-cults.”

“I really worry about the misinformation, disinformation,” Newsom said, “about what’s happening with our country, but I really worry about these micro-cults that my kids are in.

“I say micro-cults because I don’t know if there’s a better way to describe it. My son is asking me about Andrew Tate, Jordan Petersen [sic]. And then immediately he’s talking about Joe Rogan,” he explained. “And I’m like, here it is, the pathway.”

For the record, neither Rogan nor Peterson nor Tate are cult leaders.

However, each of the men has a cult following on social media. They are wildly popular, famous, and offer perspectives about a myriad of issues that often diverge from the mainstream consensus. Each of them is also critical of authoritarian politicians and believes a leader like Newsom falls into that category.

But the biggest thread that connects them is they believe strong men are important for society. Perhaps it is telling, then, that Newsom’s son is attracted to them.

In response, Peterson poked fun at Newsom on social media.

“We’re coming for your children @GavinNewsom,” Peterson joked. “We plan to turn Your boys Into men And girls Into women[.] Within the dark Pathways Of our micro cult.”

Rogan, meanwhile, frequently criticizes Newsom on his podcast for mismanaging California through ultra-liberal policies and harsh COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

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