Media turns on liberal comedian Hasan Minhaj for fabricating stories of racism – another RACE HOAXER exposed

Media turns on liberal comedian Hasan Minhaj for fabricating stories of racism – another RACE HOAXER exposed

The left-wing media has turned on one of its own.

A Muslim stand-up “comedian” by the name of Hasan Minhaj loves to make anti-white jokes that make white people sound like ignorant buffoons, but it turns out that Minhaj’s jokes are based on fantasy inside his own head.

MSNBC confirmed that this week when it ran a piece about his “fabrications,” which columnist Noor Noman says “could help white supremacy.”

“The comedian is the boy who cried racist wolf,” Noman wrote in the subheading on his op-ed about Minhaj.

One joke based on made-up circumstances that Noman heard personally while attending a Minhaj “comedy” show involves a drunk white woman that Minhaj says he encountered on the street who was vomiting at the time of his arrival.

When Minhaj went to check on the made-up woman, she supposedly looked up and asked if Minhaj was her Uber driver, the “joke” being that white people see all Muslims as taxi cab drivers or something.

It turns out that much of Minhaj’s “comedy” includes made-up stories like this that are always aimed at making white people look bad because he is apparently an anti-white racist who tries to conceal his anti-white racism with “jokes.”

(Related: Remember the Jussie Smollett “hate crime” hoax? That one involved performing a “dry run attack” before the “real” thing.)

Making up racist stories about whites isn’t bad because it hurts whites, according to Noman, but because it hurts “people of color”

According to Noman, Minhaj has built an entire brand and career around “autobiographical comedy with political overtones – often centering himself in stories where he is subjected to racism.”


According to Noman, Minhaj “turns out to have been lying” about his fictitious encounters with white people.

“A New Yorker exposé, written by Clare Malone, found that his stories are often either wild embellishments or just never happened,” Noman explains.

“He is the boy who cried racist wolf. And although Minhaj staunchly defended his lies and embellishments to Malone, claiming they reflect ’emotional truths’ that need to be addressed, he is instead hurting people of color – not helping them.”

Let it not go unnoticed that Noman’s concern is not about fair-skinned people being slandered by Minhaj, but is instead about how Minhaj’s lies will hurt “people of color” in their own quest to denigrate whites under the guise of “anti-racism.”

“Lying about racism does a huge disservice to racial and ethnic minorities, and it will likely only buttress white supremacy, an apparatus designed to belittle and deny racism as it is,” Noman claims.

“Having a high-profile brown person build his career in part around fabricated experiences with racism will only feed into this narrative.”

In other words, Noman himself holds anti-white views that will carry with them a lot less oomph whenever anti-whites like Minhaj make up racist stories about whites that are not actually true and that eventually get revealed as such.

You see, the more far-leftists lie about white people committing acts of racism, the more the general public grows weary of hearing about racism. In fact, the more these far-leftists cry racist wolf, the more people reject the notion that whites are the ones guilty of racism.

The anti-white Minhajs of the world are doing a great disservice to themselves and their own reputations by making up stories about white people supposedly committing acts of racism against non-whites. And as more people learn what they are up to, the more the anti-white crusade loses its luster, which appears to be what worries Noman.

Leftists seem to have to manufacture all the “oppression” they are always whining about because it does not actually exist. More on that at

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