Does THIS prove the Left is DONE with Biden?

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It took three years, but the mainstream media is finally catching up to just how much of a disappointment America’s commander in chief really is.

And at this point, it’d be almost impossible to ignore. According to a new poll, President Biden’s disapproval rating has just hit a record high of 56%. Not only that, but his support in essential voting blocks is slipping.

Biden’s approval rating is slipping to 46% with voters in the age group 18-24, while he also has only a 43% approval rating with Latinos and 36% with Independents.

Glenn Beck, while shocked that the media is reporting on it, is not shocked that Biden is doing poorly.

“Tell me what he has accomplished, honestly. And I mean this sincerely. Can you think of anything that is, you know, his voting base would say, ‘Well, he did this’?” Glenn says.

“There’s nothing,” he answers himself.

“Not unless you’re a total moron, a real buffoon,” Pat Gray chimes in.

Meanwhile, Trump is doing great.

His lead in the GOP primary has surged, with the former president now leading by 43 points. He’s also the first choice among national Republican primary voters at 59%.

In addition, Newsweek just published an opinion piece titled “Mr. President: You’re Going to Lose to Trump. We’re Begging You to Step Down,” penned by the Young Turks’ very own Cenk Uygur.

“The old rule about incumbents was that if they are under 50 points in approval, they’re toast.” Uygur writes. “President Joe Biden is under 40. There’s almost no chance he’s going to win.”

“If you’re a Republican, Biden is a God send,” he adds.

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