Elitist Deutsch: Trump Cares What My Kind Of People Think — Not Tupelo Bumpkins

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Donny Deutsch MSNBC Morning Joe 9-29-23 With his smart-guy glasses, and his fancy suit that even Joe Scarborough chided him about, Donny Deutsch is the very embodiment of the East Coast elitist snob.

On Friday’s Morning Joe, Deutsch reinforced that dubious reputation. He simultaneously described himself and those of his ilk as the people who count to Donald Trump. And at the same time, Deutsch disparaged the people of Tupelo, Mississippi, describing them as the only ones from whom Trump now gets any respect.

How utterly out of touch with America can Deutsch be, mocking the people of Elvis Presley’s birthplace?!

Deutsch’s comments came during a discussion of the ruling by a judge in the civil suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James — a Democrat — since the media routinely ignore the D — that Trump had committed fraud in the overvaluing of his properties, and stripping Trump of control over some of them. 

The panel also put on their armchair psychoanalyst hats, making repeated references to Trump’s supposed fixation on “size.” As seen in the screencap, Deutsch’s hand gesture left little doubt as to what the would-be Freudian was imagining.

Later in the segment, after already having teased Deutsch over his tailor-made suit, Scarborough in effect agreed with our depiction of Deutsch as an elitist snob. Deutsch was discussing the possible government shutdown, which he blamed on 18 Republican “clowns” in a “clownmobile.”

At one point, lamenting a possible shutdown, Deutsch decried that “we real Americans” would be affected.

Scarborough jumped in to mock his Donny’s pretension:

“Donny Deutsch, ladies and gentlemen, at 6:32  A.M., called himself a real American.”

At first, a defensive Deutsch said he would never put himself in that “rarefied” category of “real American.” But he quickly changed course, adamantly calling himself a “real, proud, American.”

Of course, unlike elitist snob Deutsch, Joe Scarborough is truly a “real American.” Sure, he summers on Nantucket, makes his home in ultra-exclusive Jupiter, FL, and with wife Mika makes a reported $327,000 a week. But, hey, Joe’s a [self-described] “simple country lawyer.” Don’t get no realer than that!

On Morning Joe, elitist snob Donny Deutsch says that Donald Trump cares about what people like Donny think about him, but that now Trump only gets respect from people in “Tupelo, Mississippi,” was sponsored in part by State Farm and Consumer Cellular

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe 
6:11 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know what’s so fascinating, Donny, is everyone has been focused on the criminal cases–of course they’ve been focused on the criminal cases.

But, you know, we’ve known Donald for a very long time, and you just get the sense that a lot of the criminal cases, and the possibility of incarceration, is still an abstract concept to this guy, right?

There’s nothing abstract about this. This is his life work, this is a guy coming in from Queens with a huge chip on his shoulder and doing everything he can to build a Manhattan real estate empire. And the last few days, especially, with the appeal being rejected yesterday, show him that very soon, that New York empire is going to be shut down, if things continue in this direction. And he may even be booted from his Wall Street location, from Trump tower.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: It’s being monitored!

SCARBOROUGH: From his Westchester — yeah, it’s being monitored. It’s — there are a lot of ways this could turn out, but it looks actually like this civil case may be what’s hitting them the hardest right now.

DONNY DEUTSCH: It’s a great point. And despite him being President of the United States, everything has always been about money for Donald.


DEUTSCH: Still comes back to dollars.

SCARBOROUGH: And we always say, when people say why is he doing it? Why is he doing it? We always say, follow the money. It’s always about — running for president, everything. Yeah, he likes the attention, but the attention he thinks he can use to generate money.

DEUTSCH: The real reason he ran for president was to just get publicity for his business. And look, this hits him in the gut, and there’s a very good chance he’s going to have to divest himself of his properties. And, you know, he is a man, and his buildings, and his tall buildings


DEUTSCH: — and big buildings. Everything is about size.

SCARBOROUGH: It means so much to him that in a, in a  very sick moment, of many sick moments, on January, on Jan, on September 11th, 2001, you know, as he was watching the towers go down, he goes, now I’ve got the tallest building on Wall Street.

But again, that shows you, in his fevered brain, how much those buildings mean to him.

DEUTSCH: You know, there are two things that always meant things to him. The money, and the stature with people like the people around this table. In the media and people in New York City —


DEUTSCH: — and people in L.A., and celebrities. And he’s lost both. The money has shrunk and, of course, his standing with –outside of Tupelo, Mississippi, is in a different place. 

He could not walk into a restaurant in New York City now. So, kind of both of those flanks have been taken away.

And I think your point is really well taken. Yes, a lot of, to a lot of people, going to jail would probably be the scariest spectre. To him, the thing that is really probably sitting with him right now is his big tall long buildings may be going away.

. . . 

We are a day away from four million government workers losing their jobs. TSA people not showing up. The military not getting paid. Our economy put at tremendous risk.

Real, real, real devastation to real Americans. And the clown show continues. And that’s what’s particularly galling at this moment in time. At this particular moment, as I said, where we real Americans are going to be affected. And this joke, this clownmobile, with 18 clowns getting out of a Volkswagen, is going on.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. Donny Deutsch, ladies and gentlemen, at 6:32  A.M., called himself a real American: “we real Americans.” How about you just say, real Americans?

DEUTSCH: I think, I thought I said real. I would never put myself in that rarefied — I am a real American!

SCARBOROUGH: Do you still have all the people running around cleaning your front, your front sidewalk?

DEUTSCH: No. I don’t.

SCARBOROUGH: You don’t anymore. So, you’re a real American!

DEUTSCH: I’m a real Am —

SCARBOROUGH: Okay. Very good.

DEUTSCH: I’m a real, proud, American, wearing brown with the Rev.

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