Horror: Illegal Immigrants Gang Rape Three Young Girls, One of Them Only 11 Years Old

Graphic Warning: Eleven men, allegedly part of a gang of illegal immigrants, have been arrested after a gang-rape investigation involving three young girls in the rural northern Minnesota town of Bemidji.

FACT-O-RAMA!  Bemidji, Minn., is 1,553 miles from the Mexico Crossing at El Paso, Texas. Bemidji is a small town of 15,946 people. Anyone who thinks this can’t happen in their town and to their family is delusional.

An 11-year-old girl told officials that Verna Fairbanks, a woman she called “Auntie,” forced her to drink alcohol before having a bag placed over her head. Someone then drove the girl to a house in a residential neighborhood for a “party,” where she claims she was raped by four men she described as “Mexican.”

After arriving at the house, the girl alleges she was stripped of her clothing, tied up, placed on a bed with two other females, and raped repeatedly by the four gang members. She said the other victims had also been gang-raped  She described one girl as bloody and unconscious. A fourth girl was kept in a closet.

At one point Fairbanks put a rope around the girl’s neck and forced her to drink more alcohol.

Another of the victims was eventually able to untie the 11-year-old victim, who ran to a hospital for help but not before watching the girl who released her get thrown down a stairwell for helping the girl escape.

The 11-year-old girl suffered cuts and bruises on her neck and various other body parts. She also had a burn mark on her back. She rated her pain an “eight out of ten.”

A police report stated that officers were able to verify the address and execute a search warrant. Numerous people were found in the home. Eleven illegal immigrants were arrested and turned over to Border Patrol. It’s unclear how many people were at this “party.”

The 11-year-old victim described a man she referred to as “Panda” as one of the men who violated her. He also allegedly threw the other girl down the stairs. Police arrested Oscar Ernesto Luna, 22, who fit the description, for 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The vile attack occurred on Sept. 23, 2023, but the mainstream news hasn’t reported this story. As of Sept. 28, no other arrests had been made, although the investigation is ongoing.

This repulsive attack has Democrat fingerprints all over it. Joe Biden keeps the border open and our laughable “border czar” Kamala Harris is a feckless no-show who has done nothing.

Alejandro Mayorkas insists that the border is secure despite Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) claiming her state can’t take any more illegal immigrants. And three young girls paid a horrific price for the Democrats’ wide-open border situation.

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