Sen. Michael Bennet indicates he’s willing to force government shutdown in pursuit of more Ukraine aid

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado has indicated that he would be willing to force a government shutdown in a bid to secure more Ukraine aid.

Referring to the prospect of a government shutdown over Ukraine aid, Bennet declared that “if that’s what’s required, … we’ll have to do what’s required.”

Sen. Bennet would ‘be willing to’ force a shutdown if Ukraine aid is excluded from funding

While the U.S. has already expended billions assisting Ukraine as that war-torn Eastern European nation battles a Russian invasion, many lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle want the U.S. to provide even more assistance.

“As the Ukrainian people continue to give their lives, the United States has an essential and unique role to lead the free world in Ukraine’s defense. The future of democracy is at stake,” Bennet said in a statement last week after voting for a continuing resolution to fund the government and temporarily avert a shutdown. Bennet had slowed the progress of the measure, but he ultimately ended up voting for it.

“I objected tonight to proceeding to the Continuing Resolution because it failed to provide additional money for Ukraine. Senate Leadership needed to reaffirm our bipartisan commitment to sustain funding for Ukraine. The Senate Leadership has released such a statement, and, as a result, I voted to keep the government open,” he noted in the statement.

But while there is bipartisan support to continue pumping U.S. aid into Ukraine, some lawmakers are not on board.

“Our taxpayer dollars should go toward securing our border, NOT Ukraine’s. Not a penny more,” GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona has tweeted.

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