Former Country Singer Maren Morris Blasts Female Fans of the ‘Racist’ Genre as Having ‘Internalized Misogyny’


Former country singer Maren Morris continues her crusade against fans of the genre that made her rich, accusing female country fans of having “internalized misogyny.”

Morris announced in September that she was leaving country music because people involved with the genre are “misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic.”

The 33-year-old elaborated on her views during a New York Times’ podcast on Wednesday.

Morris claimed that the “Trump years” exposed the “bigoted” views of people in the “really toxic” country music industry which propped up “White men.”

“When I zoomed out, just in looking at cold, hard facts, numbers stats,..[I realized] this is getting significantly worse each year for people on the margins, women,” Morris said. “Women on the radio, people of color, just anyone who is not [a] White male.”

Morris also said that women who like country music are bigoted against their own sex.

“The audience is like, 90% women. So, is this like internal misogyny going on here? Because they are the ones that are buying the tickets, they are buying the merchandise. What’s happening?”

The singer takes particular offense to Jason Aldean’s hit song “Try That in a Small Town,” and Oliver Anthony’s viral “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

“It is so steeped in, weirdly, like patriotism or quasi-patriotism, lots of like, overt hypermasculinity, Whiteness—that’s just like how it’s been from the jump,” she said.

“It does feel like the flame is getting hotter, so maybe it’s this last stand of hatefulness,” Morris added.

Morris previously attacked country star Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany over their opposition to sex changes for children.

In January, Morris appeared on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and apologized for “how the country music world has treated the LGBTQ community.”

“Coming from country music and its relationship with LGBTQ+ members, I just want to say I’m sorry,” said Morris during her appearance on the show. “And I love you guys for making me feel like a brave voice in country music. So I just thank you guys so much for inspiring me.”

“I’m gonna cry,” she added.

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