Obama Is No Longer Hiding His Anti-Semitism

Hundreds have been killed and thousands more have been wounded in Israel after the Iran-backed Hamas attack on Israel. Many rushed to condemn the attack. However, one person who was expected to issue a statement but didn’t was Barack Obama.

“Not one word from Obama, and why is that? Is he too busy? Or simply indifferent?” asked Dinesh D’Souza on Saturday. “Or could it be that, having given millions to Iran, he is privately celebrating his role in taking Israel down a notch?”

It’s now Monday, and there’s still a deafening silence from Barack Obama. There’s been no statement put out by his foundation or shared to any associated social media account.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Barack Obama has a long, sordid record of palling around with anti-Semites, and he implemented notably anti-Israel policies during his presidency.

Prior to being elected president of the United States, Obama spent twenty years in the congregation of the notorious racist and anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright. Obama was forced to denounce Wright to save his campaign, but the “values” Wright preached to Obama for two decades clearly influenced his time in the Oval Office. As president, he expressed a desire to create “daylight” between the United States and Israel, and he appointed several people with anti-Israel views to serve in his administration, such as Nawar Shora, Chuck Hagel, Samantha Power, and John Kerry. One appointee, Charles W. Freeman Jr., who was picked to be director of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), was forced to withdraw over his controversial views.

Obama’s public statements regarding Israel were notoriously inconsistent. As a candidate, he voiced support for Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, but he later retracted that statement. He was the first president to call on Israel to return to pre-1967 borders. He also promised Iran that if Israel ever defended herself by launching a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel would receive no help from the United States.

Obama’s handling of the BDS movement against Israel was controversial. While he signed a bill with anti-BDS provisions, he opposed the language and announced that he wouldn’t enforce those provisions. His IRS also faced criticism for improperly targeting pro-Israel groups, just as they had targeted conservative groups.

Obama exposed top-secret information about Israel’s nuclear program in an attempt to undermine Israeli efforts to stop his nuclear deal with Iran. Obama’s refusal to veto an anti-Israel U.N. resolution was seen as a significant setback for the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Not that Obama ever stopped claiming to be a supporter of Israel — he couldn’t deny that outright — but his actions made his true feelings quite clear.

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Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment have become quite fashionable in the Democratic Party, and I believe Barack Obama is largely responsible for that. He made it very clear that it was possible for someone to be blatantly against Israel and the Jewish people and get away with it. Obama learned the lesson so well that his PR apparatus didn’t even bother whipping up a statement to condemn Hamas and express support for the people of Israel. Maybe Obama is no longer trying to hide his true feelings.

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