UN Women: ‘Trans Lesbians Are Lesbians Too’

Because the alphabet people don’t have enough days to celebrate themselves and their special, unique braveness and stunningness.

An entire month of wall-to-wall sodomy parades isn’t sufficient for them to express themselves and for the public to appreciate their self-expression.


Anyway, to celebrate, UN Women, the self-described “United Nations entity for gender equality and women’s empowerment,” advanced gender equality and women’s empowerment by acknowledging that mentally ill men can also be lesbians.

“Remember, trans lesbians are lesbians too. Let’s uplift and honour EVERY expression of love and identity! Happy International #LesbianDay!” the organization posted to its Twitter/X account.

The comments section was “lit,” as the kids say (I have no idea if they say this anymore), as was the ratio on the post. Some commenters did some creative editing to correct the UN Women’s category error.

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OG YouTube users might recall one particularly “transgender lesbian,” a gentlemen by the name of Riley Dennis with an enormous Adam’s apple and an equally enormous (metaphorical) set of huevos.

Dennis’ specialty was creating ultra-cringe Social Justice™ videos advocating for his right to access lesbians sexually even though, by definition, lesbians are disinterested in men like Dennis.

One of Dennis’ most infamous of such videos was one in which he attempted to claim that lesbians’ “dating preferences” (meaning their preferences not to date him) are “discriminatory” as are their “genital preferences” (meaning their desire to date individuals without penises).

I couldn’t find the original video — he probably deleted it out of shame — but Blaire White, herself a transgender but decidedly less delusional (she doesn’t call herself a lesbian, for one thing), does a good job breaking down the painful sophistry.

When he’s not harassing women on the internet to love his penis, Dennis enjoys spending his time dominating women on the soccer field and injuring them in the process for gender equity. I have covered his sports escapades previously for PJ Media.

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