Does Hamas’ attack on Israel suggest WORLD WAR III is coming?

The war in Israel seemingly came out of nowhere.

In just a few days, Hamas has killed at least 900 Israelis, which is the population equivalent of 30,000 Americans. But why?

Glenn Beck might just have the answer.

“What’s happening in Israel is straight out of Alexander Dugan’s playbook. Everything that we are seeing in global affairs appears to be part of a plan Dugan has been crafting for decades,” Glenn says.

“I’m not saying he’s the mastermind,” he adds, “I’m just saying his plans are being followed in a remarkable and terrifying way.”

While it’s well known that Hamas has wanted war with Israel, it’s also quite clear that it wouldn’t be able to carry out an attack on such a large scale on its own.

That’s where Iran, which has been funding Hamas for years, comes in. This includes giving Hamas weapons, money, and training.

“It is not why would Hamas do this, it’s why would Iran want Hamas to do this,” Glenn says, who believes he has the answer.

“I think it flows from a wider global conflict that’s been developing now for years. The new axis of global powers. It has been emerging, and it has been picking up steam, because of the Biden administration and all of their mistakes and bumbling,” he explains.

This “new axis of global powers” includes Iran, Russia, China, Turkey and other traditionalist nations.

In August, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, among others, agreed to join the BRICS economic block — which is largely controlled by China and Russia. BRICS is working on a new currency meant to undermine the influence of the dollar in the Middle East and Africa.

Iran is also working directly with Russia to develop a gold-backed, stable coin, and a cryptocurrency that can be traded without the burden of regulations and controls.

“So, with all of these new economic ties in place, it seems hard to imagine that Iran would want to shake things up,” Glenn says. “My guess is they wouldn’t. This must somehow fit with Russia and China’s plan for the future as well.”

This brings Glenn to what he has felt for a while now, that “we are in the early stages of a coordinated global war.”

“Iran, Russia, China and other nations appear to be working in concert to establish a rival to the dominance of the West,” he says.

“I don’t think this could be understated,” he continues. “This is all straight from Alexander Dugan’s playbook. Through chaos comes the birth of a new world order — a new world order with Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and other ‘capital T’ traditionalists leading the charge.”

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