Megyn Kelly EXPOSES the truth that MSM news anchors hide from you

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The mainstream media doesn’t care about the truth, it cares about clicks and views.

The Israel-Hamas conflict is producing precisely that, and Dave Rubin and Megyn Kelly are well aware.

“Most of these anchors on CNN or MSNBC,” Kelly explains, are “a bunch of twits who have absolutely no education on any of this stuff and are too lazy to do their homework.”

“They want to be stars, Dave,” she continues, adding, “they want what gets them clicks, and what gets you clicks amongst the young people today is to say that Israel is a [colonizer] and that they’re the oppressor and that you’re on the side of the oppressed.”

Kelly notes that on the Israeli side, there are plenty of videos showing the horrifying rape, murder, and torture of Israeli civilians — but she’s uncertain whether or not it’s moral or even okay to expose the world to these atrocities.

“There were certain lines that you wouldn’t cross as a news organization, you know, on cable, and I’m having that same feeling now. Like can you show the absolute rape and murder and torture of human beings in Israel? Can you?” Kelly asks, adding, “We can show it. It’s just there’s only so much the human heart can take.”

When Kelly was at Fox News, she believes the anchors there did an adequate job of showing “what was being done to Israel by its enemies, Hamas included,” however, the mainstream media anchors in general “have gone exactly the same way that we saw them go during BLM.”

Despite holding completely different opinions on most everything that Kelly and Rubin believe, even Joe Biden has strayed from the mainstream media narrative with the Hamas-Israel conflict.

“His core message was a good one, and I agreed with what he was saying,” Kelly says.

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