Principal takes leave, apologizes to teen for revoking student president status after she appeared in twerking video on TikTok

A Walker, Louisiana, high school principal has apologized for removing a student from her role as student body president and revoking his endorsement of the teenager on a college scholarship application.

The 17-year-old senior, Kaylee Timonet of Walker High School, appeared in a video for an off-campus homecoming party at a local country club. According to the Washington Post, the video was shot by the DJ and posted to TikTok where it was viewed more than 1 million times before being removed.

The video showed Timonet dancing behind a female friend who was dancing sexually, and appeared to have been smacking the girl’s backside as well. Timonet described her actions as “kind of like hyping her up.”

In the background, other girls can be seen doing the same, with one bent over in a bikini.

The mother, who also attended the event, said that she “didn’t see anything wrong with what [her] daughter was doing in the video.”

“My child was not representing the school in any way, shape or form at the party,” the mother added.

Despite being off school property, principal Jason St. Pierre later summoned Timonet to his office. He reportedly told the girl that he would be removing her as president of the student body government and rescinding his support for her to win a college scholarship.

St. Pierre, along with an assistant principal, also reportedly showed her the video in question and criticized her actions. The principal of the public school may have overstepped a boundary, however, when he reportedly gave the young girl a religious lecture.

“I was basically told that I need to change my morals and values because I was not living in God’s ideals,” the girl said, according to Unfiltered with Kiran. She added that the principle said he was “worried about my afterlife.”

The mother told reporters that she met with the principal the next day, where St. Pierre allegedly printed out Bible verses to show the parent before gifting her a “religious bracelet.”

The woman said she believed the religious and moral lectures were not appropriate:

“That is not for anybody to do other than my family,” she said. “It’s a public school, not a private school. He has no right to discuss any sort of religion with my child.”

She also took issue with the very idea of the school administrators summoning her daughter to their office in the first place:

“I did not appreciate that they had my 17-year-old daughter in an office without me, because she’s defenseless against two people of power that are grown-ups,” she declared.

The home page of Walker High School shows a letter from St. Pierre, in which he apologized and promised to reinstate the student’s position in the “Student Government Association.”

According to the district’s superintendent, Joe Murphy, “St. Pierre has requested to take leave for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year.”

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