THIS is what Ron DeSantis would do about Israel if he were in office

The State Department has confirmed that at least 22 Americans were killed by Hamas in the attack on Israel over the weekend, and 17 Americans are still unaccounted for.

Sara Gonzales wants to know what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ next move would be if he were to become president.

“Twenty-two Americans dead,” DeSantis says. “That would probably be one of the top 10 or 15 terrorist attacks if that had happened on our soil. That’s a huge number to lose.”

As to the Americans who are still at risk, DeSantis believes that it’s the duty of the commander in chief to rescue those people immediately.

“We would have personnel there working with the IDF to recover as many Americans as possible,” he adds. As for Israel, “we of course would support them.”

However, DeSantis notes that Israel fights her own wars. “So we’ll be standing with Israel saying you not only have a right to defend yourself, you have a duty to defend yourself and you have a responsibility to do it to the hilt so we don’t continue this cycle.”

While Israel has attempted to deal with Hamas in the past, people start to blame the country for defending itself.

“They say it’s your fault, and then they back off ‘cause they’re an international target, so they don’t go all the way,” DeSantis explains.

Just weeks before the invasion of Israel, the Biden administration gave $6 billion to Iran, which DeSantis believes should not have happened.

“I would take the $6 billion back. I would turn the screws on them financially so that they’re not able to export terrorism around the world the way they have done under this administration,” he tells Gonzales, who notes that our border is now also wide open to terrorists.

“I was saying this long before Hamas’ attack on Israel: There will be a terrorist attack in the United States that we’re going to be able to trace back to coming across the southern border,” DeSantis says.

“We’ll declare it a national emergency. We’ll get the resources mobilized, we will start building the wall, and we’re going to lean in with deadly force against the Mexican drug cartels.”

“It’ll be a totally new regime,” he adds.

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