Foreign-Born Social Justice™ Bigot Cenk Uygur Announces Democrat Presidential Bid

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Race hustler and Social Justice™ kingpin Cenk Uygur has announced his plans to seek the Democrat Party nomination for president as an alternative to the failing Joe Biden.

The campaign, a poorly disguised publicity stunt, is destined to go nowhere (Uygur got 6.6% of the vote when he ran for Congress in his California district a few years back). But it’ll get him some attention — his favorite thing.

Via The Hill:

“The Young Turks” founder Cenk Uygur announced on his show Wednesday that he will run for president as a Democrat, directly challenging President Biden.

“[Biden] is not going to win,” Uygur said during the announcement. “It should not have been me, it should have been somebody else, but unfortunately it was not anyone else. There’s only four months left. We must change course. He has at best a 10 percent chance of winning. I’m running as a proxy. I am running to win. But I am also running as a proxy for any other candidate.”

The progressive media host has called for Biden to drop out of the race, stating repeatedly that democracy is on the line, referring to former President Trump’s 2024 run.

“We have got to get Biden out of the race,” Uygur said. “Thank you for winning in 2020. But if he loses this time around, it’s not just his problem, it’s all of our problems. I actually think democracy is on the line, and so if it takes me running, that’s what I’m gonna do.

To his credit, although he is a pompous blowhard, Uygur is more politically astute than your average MSNBC propagandist, and he is not bound by the institutional constraints against criticizing the anointed Democrat politician du jour.

It is palpably clear to anyone with any insight into electoral politics that Biden has no chance of winning in 2024 barring widespread electoral fraud that would make 2020 look like it was totally on the level. There are only three ways out of this dilemma for the Democrats: suspend elections entirely, rig them again but on a larger scale than last time, or swap the demented puppet with a fresher one like Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama.

My belief is that they’ll do some combination of the second and third respective options above. What is not going to happen is Cenk Uygur being elected president. For one thing, he was born in Turkey and emigrated with his family to the United States at eight years old. This makes him explicitly ineligible for the presidency since being a native-born citizen is one of the requirements for the job.

Then there’s the problem is his palatability to the public. On the immigrant score, he’s not a particularly grateful one. He apparently despises the country that welcomed him with open arms, routinely demonizing in broad strokes white people and conservatives over the many years of his cancerous The Young Turks program, named after the Turkish regime that executed the Armenian Genocide, which he publicly denied for years before being shamed into acknowledging it by his Armenian sidekick, Ana Kasparian.

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The main impetus for Cenk’s run appears to be a desperate bid to boost failing book sales since his long-vaunted book about Social Justice™ came out recently and reportedly isn’t doing super well.

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