AOC’s latest video is PROOF she’s an ‘apologist for terrorist organizations’

AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, among others, are at the top of what Dave Rubin calls the “Hamas Caucus.”

They are “people who have no sense of what the history is or what reality is or what they would do if their family was beheaded or their child was burned to death,” says Dave in disgust.

And if you need proof, look no further than AOC’s latest video.

“Our responsibility is to the stability and the security of the region. That means being able to support … Israel in its defensive capacities in that context, but it also means that the United States has a responsibility to ensure accountability to human rights, to prevent the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and to ensure that horrors do not happen in the names of victims who do not want their tragedy used to justify further violence and injustice,” she ignorantly ranted.

Who knew that AOC could read the minds of dead Israelis killed mercilessly in a battle they didn’t ask for?

Keep in mind that “she has not called for the release of the American hostages” and “has basically not said anything other than a little bit of lip service about the dead Israelis,” says Dave.

“Her number one concern is the responsibility that America will do something about the Palestinians,” he continues.

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