Insanity Wrap: The Battle for the Soul of Disney Is On

“The Walt Disney Company has gone so deep down the rabbit hole of wokeness that I’ve started thinking of the company as Darth Vader. But believe it or not, that could prove to be the company’s new hope.” That’s the lead crazy on today’s Insanity Wrap, an entire week’s worth of the best bad news.


  • How to recognize enemies of civilization with this one short video.
  • Pro-Palestine means Anti-Democracy under the Dems’ January 6 rules.
  • Is Tammy Duckworth the biggest hypocrite in Washington? YOU make the call!

Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a short video to make you lose whatever little faith you might still have in humanity.

How Long Can You Stand to Watch?

In this week’s “How Long Can You Stand to Watch?” challenge, I watched the whole thing. Partly because it’s only seven seconds long (“That’s what she said”) but mostly because when an enemy of civilization reveals themselves, it’s important to be able to recognize them.

Disney Went to the Dark Side, But Can It Be Redeemed?

The Walt Disney Company has gone so deep down the rabbit hole of wokeness that I’ve started thinking of the company as Darth Vader. But believe it or not, that could prove to be the company’s new hope.

I’ve detailed at length the company’s many offenses — I almost wrote “missteps,” but they were all on purpose — against its own brand. Parents probably need to have the Transexual Conversation with their kids at some point, but having it with a four-year-old who was just officially greeted at Disney World by a pudgy dude with a beard and a pink princess costume is neither the time nor the place.

Then there’s the company’s creative exhaustion. The Marvel movies are tired, Star Wars is dead for now as a movie franchise (and the TV shows generally aren’t much better), and the endless live-action, woke-attitude remakes of beloved animated classics have got to stop. Next year’s “So Not White, One Dwarf, and the Six Painfully Intersectional Magical Fairyland Hipsters” looks particularly dreadful. And if you’re a Disney shareholder… dude, I hope your retirement plans include a lot of Top Ramen.

Galactic Empire henchman Darth Vader couldn’t have done a better job of spoiling the Disney brand of family fun than two-time CEO Bob Iger has. But the thing to remember about Vader is that, in the end, he was redeemed.

I’m not saying there’s hope for Iger; that guy has got to go. Again. But if the company has gone to the Dark Side, then maybe, like Vader, it can turn back.

Hope might have just reappeared in the form of activist investor Nelson Peltz. Peltz ditched most of his Disney shares (DIS) in February when they had rebounded to about $110, getting out when the getting was good. Now that DIS is stuck in the mid-$80s — less than half its 2021 peak — William Cohen reports that Peltz is getting back into DIS in a big way:

On Monday morning, through a strategic leak to the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that his hedge fund, Trian Partners, had in the last two months rebuilt its position in the company to something like more than $2.5 billion worth of Disney stock, making it one of the largest shareholders with a 1.7 percent stake.

What seems incredible to me is that even with Trian Partners buying up millions of shares, DIS prices have hardly rebounded at all. CNBC reports that Trian Partners “plans to push for multiple seats on the board this time, including one for Peltz.”

Their goal? They won’t say, but it’s clear that the objective is to ditch Iger and the rest of the C-Suite deadweight and put right Disney’s severely listing ship. (Listing to port, of course.)

With nearly a century’s worth of intellectual properties, theme parks, cruise ships, and all the rest, there’s so much value baked into Disney that it took nearly two decades of Iger’s leadership to undo Walt’s creative genius and Michael Eisner’s brilliant stewardship.

Maybe Peltz and his team can bring it back like Luke Skywalker returning his fallen father to the Light Side.

As for “So Not White, One Dwarf, and the Six Painfully Intersectional Magical Fairyland Hipsters,” I say cancel the production, strike the sets, blacklist everyone involved, and take the L.

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Before We Continue, Here’s a Short Video to Restore Your Faith in Everything…

I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Your Weekly Dose of Mostly Peaceful Protest

Pro-Palestinian protesters take over the Capitol


Pro-Palestinian protestors are taking over the U.S. Capitol as hundreds demand a ceasefire between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel.

The demonstration comes a day after a bombing of a hospital in Gaza killed at least 500 Palestinians.

The protestors, dressed in black shirts that read ‘JEWS SAY CEASEFIRE NOW’ and ‘NOT IN OUR NAME’ took over the large rotunda in the Cannon House Office Building.

Capitol Police started making dozens of arrests as the group got louder and more disruptive.

As I’m sure you now know, there was no hospital bombing that killed 500 people.

As I’m also sure you now know, taking over the Capitol Building is treason to Muh Democracy™ and all involved should be locked away for two or three years before receiving their speedy show trials and unprecedented prison sentences.

These are the new rules, right?

Quote(s) of the Week

To be fair, Duckworth did wait nearly 24 hours before humiliating herself. So she has that going for her. Which is nice.

The Craziest Person in the World (This Week)

Antony Blinken has never held public office.

Anybody who thinks Biden is OK is the craziest person in the world.

There are a lot of them out there, aren’t there?

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One More Thing…

I’m Steve Green and I approved this message.

That’s a Wrap for this week.

Come back next week for another Insanity Wrap…

…assuming we make it that long.

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